Yuri (Kor. 유리) is a modified human, who works within the Union. Yuri formerly served under the deceased 12th Elder as an assistant for his chief scientist, Dr. Aris, but is actually a spy for Dr. Crombel. He belongs to the Assassination Squad serving Dr. Crombel.


Yuri has tanned skin, wears a grey suit and glasses, which cover his golden-yellow eyes. He has short blond hair and a very neat and organized appearance. He always maintains a smiling countenance, therefore causing others to have trouble in deciphering what he is thinking.


As Dr. Aris' personal assistant, Yuri is shown to be a very organized, prompt, and punctual man, speaking in a polite tone and who is completely loyal to Dr. Aris. He handled all her political affairs and paperwork, even collecting "souvenirs" on her behalf that specifically fit her taste.

Yuri 4

Yuri's habit of correcting glasses


Yuri's cruel smile

However, this image and "loyalty" is later revealed to be false with the revelation that his true allegiance lies with Dr. Crombel, on whose behalf he frequently spied for. His true personality is that of a manipulative, serpentine, and insidious man but he frequently hides this behind a fake smile and polite tone, in order to fool people. He is also very intelligent, correctly deducing that Tao and Takeo had survived and had probably joined forces with Frankenstein. He has a habit of frequently correcting the position of his glasses while talking. Yuri also appears to have connections with many top tier members of Union, as he is shown to be closely familiar with 10th Elder and 11th Elder.

After meeting Seira in the Elders' and Nobles' official meeting, he has developed an one-sided infatuation with her. Such an infatuation, however, does not make him any more friendly or less murderous.


According to Tao's information, Yuri is known to be Dr. Aris' loyal personal assistant who accompanies her everywhere and is responsible for all the paperwork and communications. He is also the one usually sent to retrieve "souvenirs" (i.e. human subjects), on which Dr. Aris is likely to experiment. However, this is revealed to be a lie as his true allegiance lies with Dr. Crombel.

Plot Overview

Volume 2

Dr. Aris Arc

Yuri first appears with Dr. Aris to investigate the annihilation of the DA-5. Trusted by Aris, he accompanies her everywhere and fulfills her orders to the letter.
When Aris couldn't find any lead as to who killed DA-5, she asks Yuri to find a specimen for her. Yuri sets out to find someone suitable and stumbles across Frankenstein. He uses his powers to hypnotize him (although it didn't have any effect on Frankenstein who only acted to find info) and brings him to Aris. But Rai's text gives away that Frankenstein has been acting; quite a shock to Yuri as his methods never failed before. A fight breaks out and Yuri finds his opponent stronger than he thought. Dr. Aris takes over the fight using her nano-suit but collapses as soon as she indulges in taking the refined version of D. Yuri observes her failure and displays a bit of his power to get away with her body revealing that he's been holding back his powers all this time.
He takes the body of Aris to Dr. Crombel, whom he originally serves and relates all what has happened to him. Under Crombel's order, Yuri keeps shut on the events and doesn't even let the Union know what happened.

Volume 4

Cerberus Arc

This time, Yuri comes as a guide with Cerberus who has come to investigate Crombel's activities and the crater (created during Frankenstein and Rael's fight). He assists them in coordinating with KSA, helping them to find their way in the area well-known to him. Meanwhile, he himself keeps on investigating individually and confirms his presumption on the existence of Tao. He assumes that Frankenstein could be behind the incident. However, he hides his findings from the Cerberus members.

The 12th Elder Arc

His actual mission is to frame the 12th Elder. So, he calls him in to cause havoc on the KSA in order to ruin the Elder's stand within the Union. He informs the remaining Cerberus members about the Elder's dispatch so they hurry to join and stop the battles started by their teammates in different parts of the city.
Another part of his mission is to bring Cerberus sample to Crombel, which he accomplishes as he makes his sudden assault on Yuizi. He attacks her from behind, preventing her from any power usage and gathers the intended sample. He observes Tao and Takeo overpower Lutai and then arrives at his side after the duo leaves. He rejoices at being able to collect another sample Cerberus member after informing Lutai about his true mission and intentions; albeit killing him before procuring his body.

Volume 5

Decision Arc

Yuri is called over to South Korea once again to serve as a guide to 10th and 11th Elder. He is partnered up with Bonerre (who is also a spy for Crombel). Together they spectate the meeting between Elders and Lukedonian representatives - Seira and Regis. He is awed at Seira's presence, beauty and power, instantly falling for her.
Later, Yuri catches Tao and Takeo planting misleading evidence to frame Crombel and subdues both with the help of Bonerre. He asks Bonerre to hide their bodies while he goes for a separate mission.
Yuri fulfills an additional duty of contacting Mark, another of his teammate who has infiltrated Frankenstein's place as M-24. He brings back Mark to his senses and hastes him to finish his work, which Mark does.
Afterwards, Yuri returns to guard the tied up captives. He complains about his own state of being always stacked up with works, receiving to vacations and such to space out. He expresses his growing feelings (crush) for Seira which the audience duo (Tao and Takeo) quickly dismisses. At this, Yuri gets furious and beats them up to satisfy himself.
After Rai and others annihilate the Elders, Bonerre is forced to lead Frankenstein and Seira to where Tao, Takeo are hold captive. Yuri sees them coming and flees ahead. With Bonerre dead and the captives freed, Yuri reports to Crombel while Mark finishes his mission and returns. Under Crombel's orders, Yuri hides himself from the Union and others for some time.

Traitorous Clan Leader Arc

The Elder incident results in the Union declaring war against Lukedonia and three more Elders coming to Korea to start it. Yuri is once again called by Dr. Crombel and assigned to the task of collecting remaining data from Frankenstein's lab. He is joined by Mark and Kalvin this time. He has been worrying that the opponents will be alert but Mark arranges a plan to make the data be brought to them. It involves the children to lure out M-21 to come with the data.
The baits trick works and the RK team answers their summon coming to the Ye Ran grounds. However, according to Tao's plan, the RK team manages to get the children out and face Yuri and his teammates. Fights break at the school premises and Yuri is engaged with fighting Takeo while his teammates take on Regis and M-21. With an almost evenly-matched fight, Kalvin tricks the RK team in taking his poison. Yuri comments on the amazing noble powers seeing Regis withstanding the poison and mentions Seira. Just then Rael arrives fuming at the modified humans for uttering Seira's name. Yuri is caught off guard by the rage of Rael who is further manipulated by Tao against Yuri. The assassins decide to retreat after the loss of Kalvin.

Volume 7

Yuri is employed to escort Muzaka during the ex-werewolf Lord's visit to the human world where Raizel is living. He also plants fake traces to misguide the werewolves who are sent by the 2nd Elder to assassinate Muzaka.
Much later on, Yuri asks the help of Mark in order to track down Dr. Aris who has went out without permission.

Volume 8

Yuri and Mark find Aris in South Korea where she has become fascinated with Shinwoo. Yuri asks Aris to leave as Dr. Crombel doesn't want them to create a scene in the country. Aris protests by saying that something happened to her in this country though she can't remember the details. Yuri reluctantly agrees to her demand of wanting to capture Shinwoo in order to pacify her.
Their plan is ruined by the sudden appearance of M-21. Yuri changes his mind and tells her that they are leaving. M-21 reminds him that they weren't supposed to be in this area to begin with due to the truce between Crombel and Frankenstein. Yuri justifies their actions by saying that they only agreed to not cause any trouble, there was no deal which said that they can't move in this area. M-21 provokes them for a fight and Yuri agrees as he believes that they can easily defeat M-21 as they got their powers enhanced recently and not to mention M-21 was always defeated by them in the past.
After changing location for their battle. Yuri's hopes of an easy victory are shattered when M-21 easily defeats him, Aris and Mark in a matter of minutes. He is saved by the arrival of Muzaka and the four of them head back to the Crombel's hideout.


  • Seira J. Loyard: Yuri meets and falls in love with Seira J. Loyard[1], due to her poise, beauty, and immense power. He thinks to himself that he may truly fall for her and describes her as an entrancing female. When he has subdued Takeo[2], he asks him if he "knows the beautiful Ms. Loyard." He admits that he can't stop thinking about her, meaning that he is pining for her. However, it is a completely one-sided emotion.

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

Powers & Abilities

Yuri possesses some powerful abilities, yet it is unknown how he achieved such power. Frankenstein even suggests that he was hiding his power and that he is actually even stronger than Dr. Aris. He is able to slice buildings in half with ease, fast enough to disappear within seconds, and even create a force-field to protect himself and Dr. Aris from Frankenstein's attacks. Yuri also seems to be good at escaping from opponents as he was able to get away from Frankenstein whilst carrying Dr. Aris with him.


Yuri's force field

Aura Manipulation

He can shoot beams of greenish-white energy from the tip of his fingers by channeling his aura, spiritual energy, with great precision. These beams have the sheer power to blow through dozens of large buildings, vaporizing anything in their path. He shot a Cerberus member from behind, inflicting a wound that also stopped her from regenerating[3]. Yuri also demonstrated the ability to create force fields when shielding Dr. Aris and himself from Frankenstein's attacks.

Gas Manipulation

He is also shown to able to release and manipulate some kind kind of gases from his palms. According to Frankenstein, Yuri utilizes these gases for attacks and mind control.



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