Season 08

[[|180px|left]] Kentas and Lunark find their loyalty tested when they learn about the brutality their Lord has been committing on their race. The internal turmoil in Werewolf clan affects all the major characters of the series. M-21 is taken captive by the werewolves and falls into Ignes' hands as an experimental specimen. Rai and Frankenstein rush to the rescue mission. They are joined by Muzaka who is finally persuaded by Lunark to put a stop to Maduke's brutality. The Lord of Nobles and a few of her clan leaders also visit the werewolves to avenge Rajak's death. The werewolf territory turns into a furious battle ground.

Chapters Release Date Synopsis
Chapter 404 02 May 2016 Shinwoo gets in a fight.
Chapter 405 09 May 2016 Aris is on the loose and she has her eyes on Shinwoo.
Chapter 406 16 May 2016 Yuri and Mark come to take Aris back. She is determined to take with her the new specimen she has found - Shinwoo. But M-21 gets in their way.
Chapter 407 23 May 2016 M-21 completely trashes Aris, Yuri and Mark. They are saved by the sudden arrival of Muzaka. In the werewolves' lab, Kentas and Lunark make a shocking discovery - Garda is being held captive as an experimental specimen!
Chapter 408 30 May 2016 Kentas seeks explanation from their Lord regarding Garda's captivity. A suspicious Maduke appoints Juraki to keep an eye on Kentas. Determined to know the truth Kentas arrives in South Korea, trying to find Muzaka with M-21 on his tail.
Chapter 409 06 June 2016 Lunark realizes that Kentas intends to meet Muzaka. Kentas cannot shake M-21 off his tail and accepts the company on the condition that he destroys his communication device.
Chapter 410 13 June 2016 Lunark faces an interrogation regarding Kentas' whereabouts. Kentas and M-21 have a 'snack time' which is cut short by the appearance of Juraki and Gayare. They have come to take Kentas back and decide to get rid of M-21. Gayare attacks M-21 and finds him not as easy an opponent as he thought.
Chapter 411 20 June 2016 Ignes demands more test subjects from Maduke. Elsewhere, M-21 uses his transformed state against Gayare and tries to flee. But his attempt is hindered by a pair of female werewolves.
Chapter 412 27 June 2016 Tao and Takeo are looking for M-21. Gayare overpowers M-21 in combat but spares his life as Juraki orders to take him captive.
Chapter 413 04 July 2016 Maduke sentences Kentas to experimentation. Meanwhile, the household learns that werewolves are involved with M-21's disappearance and Frankenstein decides to contact Muzaka.
Chapter 414 11 July 2016 M-21 and Kentas meet the woman in charge of the experiments that will be done to them. Frankenstein contacts Muzaka.
Chapter 415 18 July 2016 Kentas and M-21 are subjected to torturous experiments conducted by Ignes Kravei. Rai and Frankenstein meet Muzaka to ask for help to find the werewolves' hideout.
Chapter 416 25 July 2016 Lunark visits KSA to contact Frankenstein. Through him, she meets Muzaka and asks for his help. Rai, Frankenstein, Muzaka and Lunark all depart for the werewolves' hideout.
Chapter 417 01 August 2016 Regis and Seira stay to guard the children and the school. Ignes speaks to Maduke about acquiring more test subjects. Kentas and M-21 talk about the disappointing situation of Kentas' clan. Two scientists help them make their escape.
Chapter 418 08 August 2016 Crombel reminisces his recent conversation with Muzaka about the former werewolf lord's break from their arrangement. He finds the current situation full of opportunities for him. Meanwhile, M-21 and Kentas are in the midst of their escape when they find a lab full of werewolves used as experiment specimens. Kentas falls into grief at the situation but M-21 helps him recover his sense.
Chapter 419 15 August 2016 M-21 and Kentas destroy the lab that they found before continuing their escape. They decide to go separate ways. Kentas decides to call for the attention of those chasing them to help M-21 escape. However, M-21 is soon found by Ignes.
Chapter 420 22 August 2016 M-21 is no match for Ignes and is easily overpowered. Kentas is also at a disadvatage against Gayare. Meanwhile, Rai and company touches down on werewolf territory.
Chapter 421 29 August 2016 Ignes arrives with M-21 just as Gayare knocks out Kentas. M-21 helps Kentas regain his senses through his words. Meanwhile, while operating alone, Frankenstein intercepts a team of werewolf warriors.
Chapter 422 05 September 2016 Uzhir asks Ignes to leave as the fight is one which involves obly their clan. The traitor noble complies. Frankenstein faces Dorant and company.
Chapter 423 12 September 2016 The battle between Kentas and Gayare finally ends: with the former still standing. Elsewhere, the other group of four werewolves mistake Frankenstein as a part of Union. They soon realize his identity when he uses his power: Frankenstein!
Chapter 424 19 September 2016 Frankenstein fights Gorma and inflicts heavy wounds on the werewolf. Lunark parts from Muzaka and Raizel to extricate her besieged comrade Kentas.
Chapter 425 26 September 2016 The battle between Gorma and Frankenstein continues. Krano steps in to fight as Frankenstein struggles to control the Dark Spear.
Chapter 426 03 October Gorma is devoured by the Dark Spear. Rael and Karias arrive. Lunark infiltrates the werewolf lair and frees M-21 in the lab, only to encounter Ignes Kravei.
Chapter 427 10 October 2016 Rael fights Krano, Karias fights Braang, and Frankenstein fights Dorant. Kentas is overwhelmed by Uzhir but before Uzhir can finish off Kentas, Muzaka and Raizel arrive.
Chapter 428 17 October 2016 Karias continues his fight against Braang while Rael gains the upper hand in his battle against Krano. Rai learns of M-21's situation from Kentas. Muzaka faces Uzhir and company while Rai leaves to face Ignes.
Chapter 429 24 October 2016 Lunark battles Ignes. Rael defeats Krano.
Chapter 430 31 October 2016 Karias lets Rael hold off Braang then obliterates Braang. Meanwhile, Muzaka and Uzhir's crew get ready for a battle.
Chapter 431 07 November 2016 Muzaka transforms to his true form. His opponents undergo a second transformation and fight as a team against Muzaka, but are eventually defeated.
Chapter 432 14 November 2016 Muzaka offers Uzhir a last chance to defend himself. Uzhir fails and is obliterated. Meanwhile, Dorant reveals his true form and gains an upper hand against Frankenstein.
Chapter 433 21 November 2016 Raizel runs into explosive traps set by werewolves intended for Muzaka. He, of course, emerges unscathed. The werewolves find themselves facing the newly arrived Erga Kenesis di Raskreia and Kei Ru in addition to Raizel. Ignes withdraws from her fight with Lunark.
Chapter 434 28 November 2016 Rai leaves the area to find M-21 after Raskreia's assurance that she would handle the warriors. Meanwhile, Rozaria casts Divine Judgement on Maduke's castle and thus bringing the castle to ruins.
Chapter 435 05 December 2016 Gaura, on Zaiga's order, leaves to find and kill Rozaria. Zaiga fights with Kei Ru. Frankenstein is overpowered by Dorant.
Chapter 436 12 December 2016 In the distant past, Muzaka told Dorant that one day the latter would succeed him as the Lord. Muzaka reminded him to be careful as talent brings envy of others. At present, Dorant is angry at the supposed betrayal by Muzaka. Dorant fights with Rael and Karias after defeating Frankenstein. Meanwhile, Rai who was on his way to rescue M-21 senses the crisis of his loyal servant.
Chapter 437 19 December 2016 As Rael and Karias are overwhelmed by Dorant's power, dark aura begins to corrode the surrounding environment. Frankenstein begins to grumble and lament, much to Dorant's surprise. Frankenstein is apparently ready to resume his fight against Dorant.
Chapter 438 26 December 2016 The reason Frankenstein lost to Dorant is explained: Dark Spear tried to consume Frankenstein and thus distracting him from the fight. Rai helps him through their mind link escape from the clutches of the cursed weapon. Frankenstein, now allows the Dark Spear to cover his entire body with the dark power while maintaining sanity and battles Dorant.
Chapter 439 02 January 2017 Dorant and Frankenstein continue their battle with Frankenstein having the upper hand. The battle reaches the conclusion when Frankenstein uses his power of contract with Rai and overpowers Dorant. Before he could kill Dorant, Muzaka stops an exhausted Franky from killing Dorant.
Chapter 440 09 January 2017 Maduke and his minions get further attacked from Rozaria after the destruction of castle. An exhausted Rozaria is confronted by Gaura. Meanwhile, Frankenstein and Muzaka verbally confront each other due to latter's interference. Frankenstein reluctantly agrees to spare Dorant after removing his "stress" on Muzaka.
Chapter 441 16 January 2017 Zaiga and Kei continue their duel. Zaiga's remaining sidekick tries a sneak attack on Raskreia but it fails and leads to a loss of limb for him. Zaiga and Kei end their fight in a tie but Zaiga ultimately gets the upper hand due to his superior regeneration. Muzaka arrives on the scene.
Chapter 442 23 January 2017 Muzaka takes over from Kei as he engages in battle with Zaiga and ultimately defeats him convincingly, leading to Zaiga's death. Elsewhere, Ignes Kravei prepares her departure but she is stopped by Rai.
Chapter 443 30 January 2017 Rozaria defeats Gaura. Rai inquires about M-21 to Ignes. Ignes releases the Titan, believing it can defeat Rai.
Chapter 444 06 February 2017 Ignes is impressed with the power displayed by Titan and orders him to gift eternal sleep to Rai. Rai remains at a disadvantage, and soon, he is overpowered.
Chapter 445 13 February 2017 Muzaka rescues Garda and promises revenge on Maduke. Kentas explains to Dorant how Muzaka saved him. The fight between Rai and Titan continues when Titan undergoes transformation.
Chapter 446 20 February 2017 It is revealed that the werewolves created Titan by using bodies of innumerable clan members and it was revived by Ignes. Rai increases the intensity of his attacks and aims for Ignes. Ignes decides to leave when Titan starts to attack indiscriminately. She attacks Rai and the blood barricade he is using against Titan's attack breaks.
Chapter 447 27 February 2017 Muzaka confronts Maduke but before Muzaka can attack him... he gets a surprise attack from Garda. Meanwhile, Rai is still alive but defeated. Before Rai could be killed, an angry Frankenstein enters the scene and cuts off Ignes' arm.
Chapter 448 06 March 2017 Frankenstein overpowers Ignes but couldn't kill her due to the interference of Titan. Rai steps in and protects an exhausted Frankenstein at the cost of his remaining life force.
Chapter 449 13 March 2017 The fight between Rai and Titan ends with the death of Titan but at a great cost...Rai is completely exhausted and barely alive. Raskreia steps in and gives him support. Ignes tries to escape but is stopped by Frankenstein.
Chapter 450 20 March 2017 A Maduke-controlled Garda pushes Muzaka back. Ignes becomes food for Dark Spear.
Chapter 451 27 March 2017 Rai and Frankenstein meet the Lord and the clan leaders. They proceed to find their missing companions. Lunark fights the twins. Garda fights Muzaka.
Chapter 452 03 April 2017 Muzaka continues fighting Garda. M-21 helps Lunark in battle.
Chapter 453 10 April 2017 Lunark is able to defeat Mirai but Juraki arrives and saves Mirai. M-21 was able to land few injuries on Urne but gets defeated at end. He is saved by the timely arrival of his friends.
Chapter 454 17 April 2017 The RK make their big comeback! M-21 wipes defeats Urne with the help of Tao, Takeo and Regis! Seira stops Mirai from interfering.
Chapter 455 24 April 2017 Mirai challenges the RK members. Seira steps in and defeats Mirai, however, Juraki prevents her from dealing the fatal strike. Lunark loses to Juraki.
Chapter 456 01 May 2017 Juraki is about to defeat Lunark but Mirai starts attacking her instead as revenge for her twin. Frankenstein arrives.
Chapter 457 08 May 2017 Frankenstein receives reports about what he missed from Tao and M-21. Mirai attacks Frankenstein.
Chapter 458 15 May 2017 Juraki flees with a defeated Mirai, Tao tries to recruit more members for the RK, and Rai plans to save Muzaka.
Chapter 459 22 May 2017 Maduke plays mind games on Muzaka, causing the latter to lose his will to fight. Muzaka falls as Garda stands over him with tears running down her eyes.
Chapter 460 29 May 2017 With the exception of Rozaria, everyone arrives at the battle site. Maduke mocks the noble Lord and the Noblesse. Muzaka gets up and starts fighting Garda. Frankenstein notes that he has gone berserk again.
Chapter 461 05 June 2017 It is revealed that Rai and Frankenstein are acquainted with Garda. Muzaka overwhelms Garda but Rai steps in to prevent him from killing his only follower. Muzaka remembers his deceased daughter and charges at Rai.
Chapter 462 12 June 2017 Muzaka, Ashleen and Rai are shown together in happier times. Muzaka had revealed the truth about Ashleen's parentage to Rai after her death and embarked on a vendetta against the human race. In the present, Rai manages to pacify Muzaka.
Chapter 463 19 June 2017 Frankenstein attacks Garda to stall her regeneration. Muzaka finally confronts Maduke. The latter is unabashed and boastful till his underlings inform him about their losses.
Chapter 464 26 June 2017 The much-awaited battle between Muzaka and Maduke takes place. Maduke undergoes a second transformation and turns into a bipedal lycanthrope. The new transformation gives him enough power to overwhelm Muzaka with ease.
Chapter 465 03 July 2017 Maduke overwhelms Muzaka and tells him that the werewolf clan had conspired with the humans to kill his daughter in order to get rid of him. Everyone is shocked by the revelation. Muzaka screams and a blast occurs.
Chapter 466 10 July 2017 The relationship between Muzaka and his daughter is shown. In the present, Muzaka starts fighting Maduke on equal grounds.
Chapter 467 17 July 2017 Muzaka defeats Maduke but before he can be killed...he recovers by absorbing powers from his warriors.
Chapter 468 24 July 2017 Maduke reveals that he implanted blood stones to the werewolf warriors upon their modification, planning to absorb them from the start.
Chapter 469 31 July 2017 Rai, Raskreia, Frankenstein, and Muzaka dispatch their subordinates to destroy the blood stone site and save surviving werewolves while they all work together to fight Maduke.
Chapter 470 07 August 2017 The hunt for possible blood stone sites continues. Rai and Raskreia launch a final attack which results to only a small part of Maduke remaining. Elsewhere, the trio gets trapped in what looks similar to Blood mist or Blood Field.
Chapter 471 14 August 2017 Surrounded by the red mist, the dispatched clan leaders, werewolves, and modified humans feel their energy leaving their bodies. Maduke reveals that this is his back-up plan. Muzaka gives Rai energy to kill Maduke.
Chapter 472 21 August 2017 The remaining blood stones are destroyed and everyone regains their strength. A high werewolf mortality rate is reported. Muzaka leaves, bringing Garda with him. Crombel is shown to have obtained there werewolves' research data.
Chapter 473 28 August 2017 The remaining elders get notified of the werewolves leaving the union. Meanwhile, Raskreia wants to visit Rai.
Chapter 474 04 September 2017 Raskreia and Gejutel arrive at Ye Ran.
Chapter 475 11 September 2017 Rai and Raskreia spend an afternoon together.
Chapter 476 18 September 2017 After learning from Raskreia that their time with Rai is precious for him, the children decide to all hang out together and do their usual activities.
Chapter 477 25 September 2017 Suyi suggests to Raskreia that Rai sharing something precious to her may mean something. Raskreia decides to leave for Lukedonia before she gets swept away by Rai and the life that he's currently living.
Chapter 478 02 October 2017 Muzaka appears before Rai and the children and spends time with them. Later, Rai and Muzaka go for a walk by themselves, where the latter offers to fight Rai before exacting revenge upon humans.
Chapter 479 09 October 2017 Muzaka fetches Rai from school and they meet at a desolate location where they start their battle.
Chapter 480 16 October 2017 Karias and Rael found the trio in injured states. Tao says that it is urgent to inform Frankenstein that they were attacked by Muzaka. Meanwhile, the battle between Rai and Muzaka continues. Garda recollects how Muzaka told her of his plan.
Chapter 481 23 October 2017 Through a video, Muzaka reveals his intentions for engaging Rai in a fight,
Chapter 482 30 October 2017 Muzaka gives the location of the battle to Frankenstein through the video. Meanwhile, the actual Muzaka succeeds in transferring his life-force. He apologizes to Rai for damaging him and asks him to live his life. Rai is shell-shocked as Muzaka falls.
Chapter 483 6 November 2017 Everyone is worried about Rai. Rai goes out of his room to reassure everyone after remembering the former clan leaders and Muzaka's parting words. Kentas, Lunark, and Garda look on with saddness at an experimemt pod containing Muzaka's body.