Season 05
Season 5 Cover

A journey to the past of Frankenstein - 'the human' who single-handedly posed a danger in both human and noble worlds, threatened the reign of Nobles and dared to challenge them in their own land, Lukedonia. This season includes his encounter with the Nobles and the epic turn of events ~ meeting the true Noblesse, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. Then it features battles between the Elders of Union and Frankenstein's household and rounds off with a peace treaty between Dr. Crombel and Frankenstein.

Chapters Release Date Synopsis
Chapter 239 02 July 2012 Frankenstein's past is revealed!
Chapter 240 09 July 2012 Gejutel and Ragar set off to capture Frankenstein.
Chapter 241 16 July 2012 Frankenstein reveals his extensive knowlege on the nobles.
Chapter 242 23 July 2012 Frankenstein uses his Dark Spear to fight Ragar with his Kartas.
Chapter 243 31 July 2012 Frankenstein flees from Gejutel and Ragar and arrives at the Noblesse's mansion.
Chapter 244 07 Aug 2012 Frankenstein meets Cadis Etrama Di Raizel!
Chapter 245 14 Aug 2012 The flight of a Union experiment - M-24!
Chapter 246 20 Aug 2012 The pursuit fights to throw off his pursuers and the RK gets ready to investigate the clash report from KSA.
Chapter 247 27 Aug 2012 The fugitive is rescued and Rai meets the familiar face.
Chapter 248 03 Sep 2012 Reunion of old friends - M-21 and M-24.
Chapter 249 10 Sep 2012 'The suspicious M-24' makes a nighttime scout around the house and finds Rai's precious object of concentration!
Chapter 250 17 Sep 2012 M-21 makes an inconsiderate request to Rai to save his old friend.
Chapter 251 24 Sep 2012 M-24 is caught doing suspicious activities.
Chapter 252 01 Oct 2012 The 10th & 11th Elders arrive.
Chapter 253 08 Oct 2012 A meeting of Nobles and Elders. Tao comes up with a plan to frame Crombel.
Chapter 254 15 Oct 2012 Tao and Takeo are caught by Yuri and Bonerre.
Chapter 255 22 Oct 2012 Rai and M-21 are spotted by the Elders while the M-24 impersonator's identity is revealed!
Chapter 256 30 Oct 2012 Penalty awaits those who dared attack Frankenstein's master.
Chapter 257 06 Nov 2012 As Mark sets to his task in Frankenstein's Residence, Frankenstein himself confronts Muar.
Chapter 258 13 Nov 2012 Frankenstein reveals his savage self against Muar.
Chapter 259 19 Nov 2012 Seira takes on Rostere.
Chapter 260 27 Nov 2012 A defeated Rostere about to flee amongst human, is captured in the Blood Field as Rai steps in to deal with him...
Chapter 261 04 Dec 2012 The 10th Elder brings about his self-destruction in an attempt to take down Rai. As Frankenstein and Seira go to rescue Tao & Takeo, Rai and the others find M-24 (Mark) gone from the house!
Chapter 262 10 Dec 2012 Rai exhausts his powers to awaken both Tao & Takeo.
Chapter 263 17 Dec 2012 Rai enters a temporary hibernation.
Chapter 264 24 Dec 2012 Frankenstein 'trains' the Raizel Knights.
Chapter 265 31 Dec 2012 The three Elders arrive in the city and make their presence known while Crombel sends his assassins (Yuri, Mark and Kalvin) to collect the remaining data from Frankenstein's lab.
Chapter 266 07 Jan 2013 The 7th Elder introduces himself to Seira - Zarga Siriana, a traitor clan leader and also the one who had murdered her father!
Chapter 267 15 Jan 2013 Seira duels Zarga as Frankenstein is on his way to help her. Elsewhere, the RK receives a blackmail call from Crombel's assassins who have kidnapped the children. 
Chapter 268 21 Jan 2013 Frankenstein arrives in the battle field.
Chapter 269 29 Jan 2013 The RK performs their rescue mission while Rajak makes his entrance to partner up with Frankenstein against the Elders.
Chapter 270 04 Feb 2013 Clan Leader vs Anti-Clan Leader battle ensues.
Chapter 271 11 Feb 2013 Frankenstein's 'accidental' sneak attack!
Chapter 272 18 Feb 2013 Ye Ran School turns into a devastated battlefield. Elsewhere, the 5th Elder transforms to her werewolf form to take on Frankenstein.
Chapter 273 25 Feb 2013 Kalvin tricks Regis, M-21 and Takeo to consume poison pills. As they struggle against the assassins, a hooded figure arrives to their rescue - Rael Kertia!
Chapter 274 05 Mar 2013 Tao manipulates Rael against Yuri while the 6th Elder joins the Elders vs Frankenstein, Rajak and Seira battle.
Chapter 275 11 Mar 2013 The assassins flee and Kalvin is killed by Rael. Rai awakens from his temporary hibernation.
Chapter 276 18 Mar 2013 Urokai Agvain, the 6th Elder and a traitor clan leader seizes the opportunity to finish the 'unsettled match' (in which he lost his eye) between him and Frankenstein as the latter goes completely berserk.
Chapter 277 25 Mar 2013 Rai arrives just on time to save Frankenstein, Rajak and Seira from Urokai's lethal attack.
Chapter 278 01 Apr 2013 Rai reveals his Blood Demon form to battle the traitor clan leaders.
Chapter 279 09 Apr 2013 The Noblesse punishes both Urokai and Zarga with forced eternal sleep - an event which he had earnestly wished to avoid.
Chapter 280 15 Apr 2013 Rai anxiously watches over the children as Frankenstein explains his recent findings about Rai's casket to the household.
Chapter 281 22 Apr 2013 Rai visits the children at the hospital.
Chapter 282 29 Apr 2013 The 5th Elder reports about the existence of the noblesse to the Union. Meanwhile, the KSA agents talk to the modified humans about the Union. 
Chapter 283 06 May 2013 Roctis ponders the Noblesse's return. Meanwhile, Rael meets the children while the trio repairs the school.
Chapter 284 13 May 2013 Dr. Crombel receives a report from Yuri about the other elders' movements. Meanwhile, Frankenstein worries about Rai's exposed existence.
Chapter 285 20 May 2013 Dr. Crombel requests for a secret meeting with Frankenstein through Tao.
Chapter 286 27 May 2013

Frankenstein meets with Dr. Crombel.

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