Season 02
Season 2 Cover

The second volume of the Manhwa; it follows the introduction of DA-5 and Dr. Aris along with the arrival of Regis and Seira in Korea. More information is revealed about the main characters, the Union and the Nobles and the existence of the Lord of the Nobles is mentioned. At the end of the season, four new members join Frankenstein's household.

Chapters Release Date Synopsis
Chapter 93 04 Aug 2009 Rai learns how to use his new cellphone.
Chapter 94 11 Aug 2009 Im Suyi, a famous celebrity, comes to Ye Ran, accomponied by a troublemaker named Jung Hansu and his bodyguard Charles.
Chapter 95 18 Aug 2009 M-21 fights Charles on the school grounds after the latter causes a scene. 
Chapter 96 25 Aug 2009 Jung Hansu leaves with Charles and Im Suyi catches up with her friends. She sees Rai for the first time.
Chapter 97 01 Sep 2009 The children visit Rai in Frankenstein's house, bringing along Im Suyi. Meanwhile, two shadowy figures arrive at the local hospital.
Chapter 98 08 Sep 2009 The two figures enter the hospital to investigate and conclude that a mutant is responsible for the incident. The next morning, Shinwoo and his teacher comes across the two disguised as students.
Chapter 99 15 Sep 2009 The boy puts Frankenstein under his mind control (albeit ineffective) and asks him to manage their entry to the school as transfer students. They join and introduce themselves to the class Shinwoo is in and notice Rai.
Chapter 100 22 Sep 2009 Regis and Seira join Frankenstein's household.
Chapter 101 29 Sep 2009 Regis and Seira continue their investigation, followed secretly by Frankenstein, Rai and M-21. Frankenstein corrects M-21's misconception of the Noblesse and the Nobles.
Chapter 102 06 Oct 2009 Seira and Regis attend school during the day. They are blocked by delinquents while going home when Shinwoo comes upon them.
Chapter 103 13 Oct 2009 Shinwoo protects his new friends from a group of delinquents. Regis identifies M-21 as a modified human.
Chapter 104 20 Oct 2009 Regis and Seira eat lunch with Rai and the gang. Later that day, they decide to ask M-21 about the incident.
Chapter 105 27 Oct 2009 Regis and Seira confront M-21 about the incident. He tries mind control on M-21 but the latter resists him. Frankenstein and Rai intervene by arriving at the scene.
Chapter 106 03 Nov 2009 Back in Frankenstein's residence, Regis and M-21 bicker during and after dinner. The Union obliterates an enemy camp.
Chapter 107 10 Nov 2009 A 5-member group is shown discussing a new mission which directs them to go to Korea. Meanwhile, at Frankenstein's house, M-21 learns about Frankenstein's experiments.
Chapter 108 17 Nov 2009 The group of Tao, Takio, Shark, Hammer and Krantz arrive in Korea to investigate Dr. Crombel's recent activities. Frankenstein gives M-21 more explanation about the Nobles.
Chapter 109 24 Nov 2009 Krantz's group investigate the Union base shut down recently by Dr. Crombel. Meanwhile, M-21 gives Regis and Seira more information about the Infected. Ik-han discovers Tao trying to hack the police database.
Chapter 110 01 Dec 2009 Ik-han exchanges attacks and counterattacks with the hacker when Shinwoo pulls the plug on his computer. Shinwoo misunderstands the situation and thinks Ik-han has met a girl.
Chapter 111 08 Dec 2009 Shinwoo and Yuna meet Takio. Tao discovers a recent CCTV footage which shows M-21.
Chapter 112 15 Dec 2009 Frankenstein asks Regis an M-21 to clean up after the children's mess. The pair bickers until Regis notices Rai not doing anything and asks him to clean after his own mess.
Chapter 113 22 Dec 2009 M-21 receives his pay for his job. Meanwhile, Tao pays Ik-han a visit. Hammer and Shark show themselves to M-21.
Chapter 114 29 Dec 2009 Krantz appears just as Regis and Shark are about to start a fight. They leave, bringing M-21 along with them.
Chapter 115 05 Jan 2010 Ik-han meets Tao who has come to visit him. Regis and Seira arrive home, announcing M-21 has been on a mission all along and leaving with his "comrades". Back at their hideout, Krantz ask for information from M-21.
Chapter 116 12 Jan 2010 M-21 decides to stay with the DA-5 to gather more information about his comrades. 
Chapter 117 19 Jan 2010

M-21 strikes a deal with the DA-5. Meanwhile, Frankenstein reaches the ex-Union base and encounters Takeo.

Chapter 118 26 Jan 2010

Frankenstein battles with Takeo but eventually decides to leave for home.

Chapter 119 02 Feb 2010

Frankenstein reports his observations to Rai, who decides to wait for a while. Meanwhile, M-21 refuses to give any information to the DA-5.

Chapter 120 09 Feb 2010

Shark and Hammer decide to find the kids Takeo met. Incidentally, Regis is walking with the children when he senses Shark’s blood lust nearby.

Chapter 121 16 Feb 2010

Regis confronts Shark and Hammer. The two retreat when they realize that he has the upper hand.

Chapter 122 23 Feb 2010

Hammer reports their defeat to the team and M-21 further humiliates Shark. Meanwhile, Regis imparts his encounter to Frankenstein. 

Chapter 123 02 Mar 2010

Regis has another fight with Shark. Hammer takes the children hostage just in time to save Shark.

Chapter 124 09 Mar 2010

Hammer uses the children as hostages to capture Regis. Shark hits him at the nape and causes him to fall unconscious. Back at the house, Seira senses that her connection with Regis has been cut off.

Chapter 125 16 Mar 2010

Shark brings the children to their hideout. Meanwhile, Seira further explains about her mental connection with Regis and takes her leave to find him.

Chapter 126 23 Mar 2010

The children regain consciousness and sees Regis injured and bound with handcuffs. Ik-han identifies Tao while all of them recognize M-21. Meanwhile, Frankenstein and Rai has also left the house to find the children.

Chapter 127 30 Mar 2010

M-21 and Regis insist that they have no connection with the children therefore Shark decides to get rid of them, starting with Regis. Meanwhile, Seira meets Hammer outside while Frankenstein and Rai find traces of a fight in the park.

Chapter 128 06 Apr 2010

Seira battles with Hammer. Meanwhile, M-21 decides to defend the children from Shark and reveals his ability to transform.

Chapter 129 13 Apr 2010

With his transformation ability, M-21 gets the upper hand on his fight against Shark. However, Shark plays dirty and M-21 slowly loses his strength as he blocks multiple attacks directed towards the children. The latter holds out until Regis recovers to take over the fight.

Chapter 130 20 Apr 2010

Krantz stops Regis from killing Shark and fights the noble. Frankenstein and Rai arrive on top of the building. Frankenstein stays to fight Takeo.

Chapter 131 27 Apr 2010

Takeo takes the D and in order to match Frankenstein’s fighting style which has become more violent than before. Meanwhile, Seira uses her Death Scythe and kills Hammer.

Chapter 132 04 May 2010

While Regis is busy fighting Krantz, Shark sees the opportunity to attack the children. M-21 blocks him, gets impaled by Shark’s knife and falls to the floor, a puddle of blood forming around his body. Meanwhile, Tao’s sensors alert him of a person coming just as Krantz defeats Regis. Rai arrives at the scene.

Chapter 133 11 May 2010

Frankenstein releases his sealed powers and defeats Takeo. Meanwhile, Rai inflicts mind control to all the Krantz, Tao and Shark.

Chapter 134 18 May 2010

Dying, Takeo talks about the children and makes a request of Frankenstein to save them. Frankenstein leaves to follow his master. Krantz breaks free of the mind control and takes the D. He reveals DA-5’s real purpose.

Chapter 135 25 May 2010

Seira meets Frankenstein. She realizes that the latter isn’t an ordinary human and summons her Death Scythe. In turn, Frankenstein reveals his knowledge about Seira’s family. He then states that he came to rescue the children.

Chapter 136 01 Jun 2010

Rai kills Krantz by using a Blood Field.

Chapter 137 08 Jun 2010

Rai awakens M-21. Frankenstein and Seira arrive at the scene. Frankenstein instructs Tao to get Takeo as they all prepare to leave.

Chapter 138 15 Jun 2010

With everyone back at Frankenstein’s residence, Tao explains the situation to the children. Frankenstein adds more information and reveals that they are going to have their memories erased.

Chapter 139 22 Jun 2010

M-21 and Takeo regain consciousness.

Chapter 140 29 Jun 2010

Dr. Crombel reminisces about the secret of his prowess: an antique journal. Back at the house, Takeo tries to compliment the children with his beginner-level Korean. Meanwhile, a young lady named Dr. Aris arrives at the area of the recent battle.

Chapter 141 06 Jul 2010

Dr. Aris visits the scene where the DA-5. Meanwhile, Frankenstein finishes checking-up M-21 and reveals that the latter has a werewolf’s heart.

Chapter 142 13 Jul 2010

Frankenstein gives Takeo and Tao two new kinds of pills. Meanwhile, Frankenstein becomes the target of Dr. Aris’ interests.

Chapter 143 20 Jul 2010

Yuri ambushes Frankenstein on his way home from the market. 

Chapter 144 27 Jul 2010

Tao discovers that Dr. Aris has come to personally investigate the defeat of her creation (the DA-5). Rai summons Frankenstein through his cellphone.

Chapter 145 03 Aug 2010

The modified humans and Rai decide to look for Frankenstein. Meanwhile, the said guy is trying to leave Dr. Aris’ hideout.

Chapter 146 10 Aug 2010

Rai, Takeo, and M-21 set off to look for Frankenstein while Tao remains to support the group using communicators. Frankenstein fights Dr. Aris’ bodyguards.

Chapter 147 17 Aug 2010

Frankenstein reveals his inhuman strength.

Chapter 148 24 Aug 2010

Tao directs Rai, M-21 and Taeko as Frankenstein continues to battle the bodyguards.

Chapter 149 31 Aug 2010 Frankenstein defeats the bodyguards and moves on to targeting Dr. Aris.
Chapter 150 07 Sep 2010

Dr. Aris reveals her nano suit and battles with Frankenstein. However, Frankenstein still overpowers her and is about to kill he if not for the arrival and exclamation of Takeo.

Chapter 151 14 Sep 2010 A misunderstanding occurs with Takeo witnessing Frankenstein about to finish his sister "Teira".
Chapter 152 21 Sep 2010 Yuri leaves, bringing along the unconscious Dr. Aris. Rai, Frankenstein and the others return to the house.
Chapter 153 28 Sep 2010 Yuri is revealed to be working for Dr. Crombel.
Chapter 154 05 Oct 2010 Ye Ran's special security unit gains two new members.

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