Uzhir (also spelled Ujir/Wuzir, Kor. 우지르) was a werewolf warrior who served Maduke.


Uzhir was of Herculean build with dark brown skin tone and long brown hair secured in a high ponytail. He had a prominent scar on the left side of his forehead and wore golden wrist cuffs.


Uzhir was a cold and calculated person. He thought it was a matter of fact that the weak among their clan are being used as fodder for the physical enhancement technology. Despite this, he prided himself as a warrior. He displayed unwavering loyalty towards Maduke till the very end.


Uzhir was one of the many werewolves who had embraced modification to become warrior and supported Maduke through and through.

Plot Overview

Volume 8

Uzhir is sent along with three other warriors to hunt down Kentas who had escaped after destroying the labs in the werewolf castle. He and his crew members corner Kentas shortly after he parts ways with M-21. When Kentas tells them that dozens of werewolves were sacrificed in the labs, to his horror, Uzhir casually remarks that he had expected a higher death toll. Kentas attacks them on learning that they had recently dispatched henchmen to gather more subjects. Uzhir confesses that he wanted to fight Kentas for a long time because of his sanctimonious ideals about the pride of their clan and fights him. Kentas is at a disadvantage because his body is far from its normal state. However, Gayare interferes and seeks Uzhir's permission to fight Kentas. After witnessing Kentas holding out against Gayare, Uzhir is impressed and gives him credit. He dissuades Gayare from attacking Ignes by reminding him that she is working for their Lord, and at the same time, tells the Noble to stay out their affairs.
Uzhir resumes fighting Kentas after Gayare is killed and overpowers him. Before he can deliver a fatal blow, Muzaka arrives along with Rai. Kentas deduces that Rai has come to rescue M-21 and urshers him to the labs. Uzhir identifies Rai as the Noblesse after he subjects one of the warriors to excruciating pain by merely glaring at him. Rai continues his search as Muzaka confronts Uzhir's crew. Within no time, a battle breaks out. Uzhir expresses his confidence that although Muzaka led them in the past, they will succeed in defeating him because of the new power, but admits that they will need to gang up against him.
Uzhir fairs better than his companions and outlasts them, but he is no match for the former werewolf Lord. He is severely wounded but remains in disbelief that Muzaka defeated modified warriors like them in a one-sided battle. He maintains that they are still warriors and loses his temper as Muzaka echoes Kentas' stand on the ethicality of the experimentation carried out by their clan. He declares that their clan is stronger than ever as they have surpassed the Warriors of the previous generation, and blames Muzaka for lacking the conviction which was needed to achieve that. Muzaka cuts him short, bluntly stating that they are not as strong as the warriors of the past who trained relentlessly to perfect their skills, and he knew Uzhir's fallen companions were not true warriors. Uzhir is shocked by the assessment and, for a brief moment, doubts the choices made by their clan. Muzaka offers him a last chance and tells him to strike with everything he has. In a bid to defend his belief, Uzhir accepts the challenge. He is killed in the clash that follows.

Powers & Abilities


Uzhir's ultimate attack

Unlike his companions, Uzhir was close to a True Warrior in terms of power before accepting physical modifications.[1]


Like all werewolves, Uzhir can transformation his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. After undergoing physical enhancements, Uzhir is able to transform even further. This transformation drastically increases his physical abilities and overall power.

Aura Manipulation

Uzhir was skilled at manipulating his aura, show when he fires a beam at Muzaka. He is able to utilize his clans most powerful attack that only few members can use.



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