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Clan Symbol Unknown
Clan Specialty Unknown
Soul Weapon Dolor
Current Clan Leader Claudia-tradio-375 Claudia Tradio
Predecessor Lagus1 Lagus Tradio
(Forced into Eternal Sleep by the Noblesse)
Successor None
Minutiae The Tradio Clan is one of the clans who betrayed the The previous Lord and Rai. It is actually revealed that only Lagus Tradio from their clan betrayed Lukedonia, and their clan members were surprised that their entire clan was branded as traitors after finding out after the invasion. Surprisingly, even with the betrayal of its leader, the Tradio Clan still displays its loyalty toward him after his return, unaware of his betrayal and plans.
Tradio Clan is the first, if not the only traitor clan, to be pardoned by the Lord and rejoined Lukedonian society.

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