Titan (Kor. 타이탄) was a powerful chimera made by the joint efforts of the werewolves and Ignes. Originally, it was created by werewolves by sacrificing countless members of their own race (including powerful Warriors) under Maduke's orders but then Ignes upgraded it with the data she collected from experiments on humans, nobles and werewolves.


The Titan was a blue colored tall bipedal cyclops. He could transform into a winged humanoid entity.


Titan blindly obeyed Ignes Kravei and was devoid of any emotions except rage.


Maduke was inspired by the chimera experiments of the human. He wanted to create the most powerful being possible and he created a werewolf chimera by fusing the body parts of many werewolves who were supporters of Muzaka. After countless failures, Titan was created but it was in deep sleep as fusing body parts from countless werewolves made it unstable. The technology of Werewolves wasn't enough to awaken him. After the failed invasion of Lukedonia by the Werewolves, Ignes offered her expertise to Maduke. Ignes awakens Titan on the request of Maduke. She released Titan on Rai when the latter confronted her regarding M-21's whereabouts.

Plot Overview

Powers and Abilities


Titan's enhanced transformation.

Titan was extremely powerful, able to fight The Noblesse on equal grounds. It is revealed that Titan can develop partial immunity to enemy attacks and gets stronger each time he regenerates.

Physical Prowess

Titan possesses immense physical strength, able to destroy a large portion of the ground with a single punch. He was also powerful enough to destroy Rai's blood field numerous times. His strength is so powerful, he overwhelmed Rai a few times in his fight.

  • Regeneration: Titan has an extremely powerful regenerative power, shown during his battle with Rai when he regrows his arm in mere seconds.

Aura Manipulation

Titan possesses immense amounts of spiritual energy (aura), shown when he destroys Ignes Kravei's lab with the shockwave of his scream. He can fire extremely destructive blast of aura form his mouth that cause massive destruction. His aura is colored yellow.


The Titan can transform to produce bat-like wings and long blue colored hair




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