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Nblesse; Cadis Estrama Di Raizel By Udarsha45
Noblesse is the title given to a specific being among the Noble race. It is said to refer to a being with power above all others. It is a status of high ranking, which is above even that of the Clan Leaders and may be equal to that of the Lord. In fact, while the Lord represents a symbol of authority, the Noblesse is said to represent a symbol of power. The title and its meaning seems to be so ancient that its meaning had been distorted for quite some time and all the Nobles were being referred to as Noblesse, instead of the normal, proper name of Noble. The current person who bears this title is Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.


So far, only one Noblesse has been revealed in the story. He had gone missing for some time and during that period, the identity, meaning, and purpose of the Noblesse seemed to have become unknown to the current younger generation of Nobles. The Noblesse has resurfaced once again and is now known to, at least, the clan leaders of the current generation.


Initially, it was stated that the duty of the Noblesse is to watch over the Nobles, guiding them and protecting them in times of danger, an aspect which is similar to the Lord's duties. However, this is later revealed to be a secondary responsibility.

The true duty of the Noblesse is to guard the meaning of the Nobles' existence. The Nobles are supposed to exist as protectors of the human race, so if a Noble decides to turn on humanity and slaughter them, he/she is going against that code of existence and thus threatening the balance of the world. So in turn, if the power of the Nobles theatens to upset the balance of the world in any way, it is the Noblesse's duty to destroy the Nobles who are responsible for the upset. This gives him the authority to destroy any Noble at will. This is the main reason why the Noblesse is revered and feared among the Nobles.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The exact abilities of a Noblesse that differentiate them from the abilities of other nobles are unknown at this point but the Noblesse is said to be "a being with power above all others." Rai, the current Noblesse, is indeed shown to be extremely powerful. His powers are so mighty that a seal is required to restrain the full force of his abilities. It has been stated by the current Noblesse that use of his powers drains his life force.

So far, Rai has displayed the characteristic abilities of the Nobles such as enhanced strength,speed and agility, Mind Control and Immortality but all to far greater degrees, while he still has yet to go all out in a battle. He is shown to be able to subdue powerful individuals with a single word and at one time, dominating all the current Noble clan leaders at once with a single word using mind control (even with his full powers sealed) and clash equally with the Lord of the Nobles, though doing so without any true intent to harm her. It is also shown that merely removing the seal on his abilities is enough to cause significant damage to his surroundings.

He has also displayed the ability to use the powerful Blood Field, which he uses as a weapon to annihilate his opponents. This ability appears to be very special as it is said to only be available to those who completely govern blood. So far, the only other person to use this ability is the Lord (through the use of the soul weapon, Ragnarok). Against extremely powerful opponents, the Noblesse can summon his Blood Demon and Blood Phoenix forms, which can force two experienced, powerful clan leaders into eternal sleep. Also, the Noblesse does not have a materialistic soul weapon, as Gejutel K. Landegre revealed that the noble blood and soul of the Noblesse is his soul weapon.

Unique abilities he has displayed so far include the ability to detect the source of an individual's abilities at a glance and to even awaken the latent powers hidden within that individual, as well as the ability to seal the mighty powers of his servant, though this seems to be more of a verbal command than an actual ability. He is also able to use some form of telekinesis.

However, the current Noblesse is shown to have a lethal weakness; his life force is drained as he continues to use his mighty power. Frankenstein has theorized that it is because either his powers are created using his life force or his body is unable to withstand the strength of his powers.


Pseudo Flight:


  • Mind Control: A common technique among the Nobles, however, it is shown to be more prominent in Rai's case, as he uses the ability effortlessly to bring powerful opponents to their knees. In one instance, he used it to take away a person's ability to breathe. It has been shown that Rai is so powerful that he can use his mind control to even freeze the clan leaders.
  • Mind Reading: Also one of the earliest abilities showcased in the manhwa. With this ability, he is able to sense and understand the thoughts and emotions of the people in his immediate vicinity. Using this ability, he mastered the Korean language within a day. He is also the only person who can read a clan leader's mind through force, like he did with Rajak Kertia, the Kertia Clan leader.[20]
  • Mind Link: Similar to the psychic link established between Regis and Seira, Rai has displayed this attribute by communicating with Frankenstein in the battle against Mary and Jake. In the aforementioned situation, he ordered Frankenstein to utterly eliminate the enemy before him.

Telekinesis:This was the very first power he used in the series, shown when Rai opened the curtains after his awakening.[15] Later on, he is shown trying to exit Frankenstein's residence by attempting to open doors and windows.[16][17] This power is displayed in a more powerful fashion when he uses it to forcefully propel DA-5 leader Krantzinto an adjacent wall. Another instance of this ability is used in a strong scale when he brought the 10th Elderhundreds of meters to the ground.[18] He was also able to break the chains holding Rael with telekinesis.[19]

Aura Manipulation:As the true Noblesse, the most powerful being among Nobles, Raizel possesses immense spiritual energy (aura). With his aura, he can easily suppress strong explosions and attacks, as he did with the 10th Elder's suicidal explosion.[21] Rai can also create extremely durable force fields of spiritual energy, first shown to be used against Krantz. It was powerful enough to easily block all of the DA-5 leader's attacks despite the fact that Krantz's power was augmented both by the consumption of D and the absorption of former teammate Shark, who had also consumed D before being absorbed. Also his force field has the unique ability of absorbing the energy put into the attacks, even in the form of pure kinetic force (such as when he absorbed Krantz's slashes and punches). He can also easily nullify the flow and effects of the auras of others by releasing small quantities of his own aura. He is also shown to use his force field to provide protection to others like he used to protect himself against enemies.

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