Tesamu (Kor. 태사무) was a normal human and a spy sent by the Elders to watch over Frankenstein and gather information on his research. It is unknown what became of Tesamu although Frankenstein assumed he was dead after seeing his pendant.


Tesamu was a short boy (almost the same height as Regis) who had blond hair. His eyes were of a yellow shade matching the colour of his hair. He wore a pendant around his neck which was left to him by his mother.


Tesamu was a cheerful young boy who regarded Frankenstein as his teacher. He showed interest in researching in order to help people and despite his assigned mission of spying, he eventually formed a bond with Frankenstein.


Tesamu studied under Frankenstein to fulfill his dreams to help others. After he found out that the Elders planned to kill his teacher, he rushed to warn Frankenstein only to find that he was aware of everything before. Frankenstein knew he was a spy sent by the Elders but never showed any ill-feelings towards Tesamu. Frankenstein parted ways with him leaving a note which contained the location of stored information for research.

Years afterwards, when Frankenstein started living in Lukedonia, Urokai gave him the pendant that Tesamu wore. It was given to Lagus earlier by the humans to drive Frankenstein into a frenzy.


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