Na Yonsu and An Sangeen arrive at Ye Ran High School to confirm the identity of M-21. Na Yonsu starts her fight with M-21 while An Sangeen is discovered by Takeo resulting in an unavoidable conflict.


Na Yonsu and An Sangeen are surprised when M-21 blocks Yonsu's attack easily during their previous encounter. To confirm the truth of his identity they arrive at Ye Ran while wearing masks to hide their identities. An Sangeen is analyzing the battle and is shocked to learn that M-21 is a modified human. Sangeen doesn't have time to dwell on this however because Takeo appears behind him and asks "who he is" and "what brought him here.

Battle SummaryEdit

Takeo and M-21 encounter a masked Yonsu and Sangeen. The agents now know the pair have been enhanced and begin to fight in earnest. Sangeen uses speed and a form of claw-like throwing daggers but is unable to land a hit against Takeo. Sangeen comes to the conclusion that this is not a fight that could be won without drawing unwanted attention and moves to get Yonsu and leave but Tao shows up, surrounding them. Sangeen resigns himself to the fact that they will have to go all out fighting here but Yonsu surprises him by taking off her mask.


An Sangeen and Na Yonsu decides to fall back after learning that RK-5 knows about the truth behind their modification. The revelation of their identities help them to form a common stand against Cerberus.

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