Tao, Takeo, Regis and Seira arrive at the werewolf territory to rescue M-21.


Urne succumbs to the combined attacks of Tao, Takeo, Regis and M-21. Her sister is shocked by the outcome of the battle. She vows to exact revenge and charges at the intruders. Seira draws out her soul weapon and tells her comrades that she will face the werewolf warrior.

Battle SummaryEdit

Mirai deflects Seira's attacks and tries to counter-attack with a punch. Seira blocks it with one hand and cuts off Mirai's wrist with the Death Scythe. Mirai is unfazed as she regrows her lost limb. She identifies Seira as the leader of the Loyard Clan. She lauds her for being tough but warns that she is not a match.

Regis steps forward to intervene but Tao prevents him stating that Seira has undertaken to fight the battle by herself. He adds that Mirai must be in a disturbed state of mind but small attacks will be of little effect assuming possesses an incredible regeneration ability. Above them, Mirai punches Seira away. She charges at Seira encasing herself in a giant wolf-shaped cloud. Seira uses the Death Scythe to summon the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper swings the Death Scythe destroying the wolf-phantom. Mirai falls unto the ground and has lost her lower-body to the attack. Seira looks on impassively as blood drips from her injured hand. Mirai is rattled by defeat at the hands of a young clan leader. Yet again, she starts regenerating.

Seira decides not to waste more time and lunges at her opponent to deal a powerful strike. The smoke clears and it is revealed that Juraki had blocked the attack and saved Mirai. Seira breathes heavily due to the exertion. Juraki states that this is as far as she goes.


Juraki releases his aura and declares that they will pay the price for daring to trespass on their land. However, Lunark reminds him that he has to face her first.

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