In this battle, Raskreia faces the traitor nobles- Lagus, Gradeus and Edian, who have come to invade Lukedonia.

Prologue Edit

While the traitor nobles and werewolves battle Lukedonian clan leaders, Raskreia steps out from the palace to survey the situation and saves Kei just in time from the combined attack of the three werewolves. She intends to finish off the enemy but a split second diversion allows the werewolves to flee. She pursues them and is lead right where the traitor nobles - Lagus, Gradeus and Edian - have been cornering Rozaria. Raskreia approaches them and glancing at the wounded clan leaders - Gejutel, Ludis and Rozaria, she resolves to confront all the enemies by herself. Lagus also declares that they will usurp her and the battle begins.

Battle Summary Edit

Gradeus starts the fight by charging to attack the Lord. Raskreia easily blocks it along with the vines released by Lagus which crept out from behind to impale her. Gradeus continues the frontal assault while Edian attacks from behind with blinding speed. Raskreia counters the simultaneous attacks. As she turns to deal with Edian, a striking blow from Gradeus comes from behind. However, Raskreia has conjured a blood shield to block it in time. She then summons her Blood Field, engulfing all the traitors and werewolves. She powers up her Blood Field and conjures multiple typhoons to destroy the enemies inside. Gradeus hastily slashes at the blood field while Lagus and the others do the same. Soon, all the blood fields are dispelled.

Gradeus and Lagus face the Lord with grinning faces, mocking her on the fact that they have destroyed her precious attack so easily. Lagus takes his turn to display something: Blood Mist. Crimson mist engulfs them and many vines appear randomly, rushing towards the Lord to impale her. She thwarts those off but finds her injured clan leaders weakening further in the mist. Apparently, the power of Blood Mist poisons all opponents inside it. Raskreia is unaffected but the wounded ones take a severe toll. She is clearly at a disadvantage, having to worry about the injured clan leaders as well as fight three powerful ex-clan leaders simultaneously.

The noble Lord then swings her sword at Lagus but he dodges the blow with ease, aiming his vines to answer the attack. Raskreia evades but Gradeus then charges for another frontal attack which the Lord fends off. Her concentration shifts to Gejutel who is struggling with pain and she almost falls prey to Edian's attack. But the Lord holds her ground and whips up another Blood Field, this time, dispelling the Blood Mist. Lagus compliments her, acknowledging that she truly is a Lord as she has managed to break his spell. He then aims his vines at the wounded clan leaders. The Lord quickly defends her followers. Edian makes her move again and Raskreia fights her off. The continuing vicious, simultaneous attacks begin to wear her out. A combined attack from Gradeus and Edian causes a big clash and as the impact clears, the noble Lord is revealed with minor slashes across her outfit, catching for breath while her loyal clan leaders can only observe with anxiety.

Raskreia exhausts herself, having to battle all three traitors as well as protecting the wounded. Lagus notes that she has been focusing less on the battle and worrying more about the injured. He chides her and points out that she is not strong enough to be neglecting her opponents. At this, Gradeus aims a strike on the wounded clan leaders and Raskreia rushes to defend them. She blocks Messad with her Ragnarok. The berserk traitor finds it astonishing when Lagus’ claim is proven right. He chides the Lord for paying attention to others during battle when he has been waiting so long to drag her down from the throne. The irritation drives him insane and he yells at the Lord, demanding that she unleashes her full powers to fight them to make her realize just how weak she is. With this, Gradeus swings Messad, intending to get rid of the distraction (kill the clan leaders). The Lord protects them again. Lagus ridicules the Lord and challenges her to protect them if she can, aiming his vines at them too. She cuts through those and sends a torrent of blood at him but he easily evades. Raskreia glimpses behind her to find that Edian has joined the barrage of attacks and turns around to face her. They duel while Gradeus prepares to assault the Lord from behind. Raskreia notices the movement from the corner of her eye and swings her sword around to counter both traitors at the same time. She is too late to realize that Lagus has already sent his vines at the wounded clan leaders. A massive impact follows and it is revealed that Kei has arrived just in time to block the attack. However, he collapses soon afterwards.

After the momentary distraction, Raskreia aims another torrent of blood towards the traitors in front of her. Lagus and Edian who have been standing on that direction, are quick to evade the attack. On the other hand, Gradeus appears from behind and slams down Messad, aiming for the Lord's head. His attack takes her by surprise and she barely manages to dodge it, the impact sending her off balance. Lagus insults her again, saying that she is not strong enough for a Lord compared to the current clan Leaders who have surpassed his expectations. He also mentions Rajak and his death. At this, the noble Lord becomes enraged and raises Ragnarok which glows in crimson aura. She summons an assemblage of titanic, red crosses (similar to Ludis’ skill) to impale the traitors. The impact of the attack shakes the ground. Unfortunately, the traitors remain unscathed as Lagus has shielded both himself and his fellow traitors with his power.

The traitors start their combined attacks again and the Lord form a shield out of her aura to deflect the attacks away from herself and her people. Rozaria apologizes for burdening her with protecting them, but the Lord states that it is her duty to protect her people and creates a massive aura beam. Once again, the traitors emerge unscathed, marking the attack as a failure. Lagus criticizes that the attack itself was impressive but not enough to finish them. In fact, he states that he can envision the drawing end of the noble Lord.

Aftermath Edit

The outcome does not turn out as predicted by Lagus as a sudden voice emerges out of nowhere. A dark bolt of aura lands between the Lord and the traitors and Frankenstein emerges, surrounded by his dark aura, sending both parties in momentary stupor.

Image Gallery Edit

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