Tao, Takeo, Regis and Seira arrive at the werewolf territory to rescue M-21.


Urne defeats M-21 and is about to kill him when she finds herself entangled in purple wires. Urne screams in pain as Tao electrocutes her. Irritated and injured, she cuts off the wires and screams for revenge.

Battle SummaryEdit

Takeo dashes past Urne, inflicting deep cuts on her arms. She winces in pain and turns around to attack him with a slash. However, what she cuts at is only an afterimage. She attacks him frantically but is outmaneuvered. Tao lands near M-21 and gives him his mask. At first, M-21 is dazed by the sudden arrival of his comrades. Realizing that he would have done the same for any of them, he puts on the mask and transforms.

Urne is surprised that M-21 was left with so much energy. The distraction costs her dearly as it allows Tao to electrocute her again. To make matters worse, Takeo riddles her body with Dark Energy imbued bullets. Incensed, she prepares to gather energy for her next attack but is is interrupted by M-21, who kicks her from behind. He jumps upwards when she charges at him leaving her disorientated and exposed to an attack from Regis. He stabs her with Legasus destroying her right wrist and a portion of her waist.

Urne gathers herself and chides Regis for collaborating with modified humans. She tells them that their efforts are not enough to defeat her as she starts regenerating rapidly. Tao corrects her stating that they are not going to be the ones to finish the battle. Urne is perplexed and looks up to find M-21 charging at her. M-21 decides to put in everything he has for the ones who came to rescue him and uses the werewolf skill that manifests as a giant wolf-shaped cloud. Urne is taken aback since only few of her clan members are capable of using it. An explosion follows and Urne is killed without a trace.


M-21 is exhausted and falls on his knees. Mirai is shocked by the outcome of battle and rushes to face the intruders. However, Seira blocks her way and undertakes to fight her.

Image GalleryEdit

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