The Grammar Project is a place where a group of users can get together and help maintain high standards of the wiki by keeping it free of incorrect grammar, syntax, tenses and so on. If you are interested in this please help us out. Also, note that you don't have to work on the articles listed here.

Members Edit

  • Udarsha45 - Project Head
  • Joan Black - Member
  • Gh0st93 - Member
  • Aster scaber - New member

Membership Rules Edit

  • Any user can sign up as a member of this project. If you like to join, please place your name in the list above and you are ready to go.
  • Please do remember, you must make at LEAST five grammar edit per month.
  • All new members will start out as "newbies".
  • To become a regular project member, you must make good grammar edits on 15 different articles.

Things you need to know Edit

  • If you are interested in a specific article put your name next to the article's name and list it under the section Taken.
  • When you have finished checking for grammatical errors and stuff, simply list it under Needs Checking For Completion.
  • Please do note that the project head and the project members would be checking the article that you made your edits on.

Removal from the project Edit

  • If you are inactive for more than 1 month.
  • The edits have consistently been of bad grammar.
  • You violate our policies and standards.

List of articles in need of work Edit

Articles That Are Already Taken Edit

Needs Checking for Completion Edit

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