Plot Summary UnitEdit


The Plot Summary Unit is a group of users who would voluntarily complete the task of completing each of the characters, "Plot Overview" section up-to-date. Any user can contribute to this however a user can only complete 3 articles at a time to avoid confusion and delay. And also the user will be the one to update the currents character articles, up-to-date plot, when a new chapter comes out. Should the user be absent from contributing in the article for a month, the article will be reposted as 'OPEN' for take over.

Members Edit

  • Udarsha45 - Project Head
  • Jack Heartenete - Project Member
  • Strixflash - Project Member

What you must do in the plot Summary UnitEdit

The following duties as follows,

1. To add plot summaries. (Click here to go to the list of official arcs). Use Scroll Template if the character appears in more than one arc.

2. To assure the current plot your working on is properly defined.

3. To check and remove false content.

4. To assure the plot has proper references.

5. To check afterwards for grammatical mistakes. 

6. Duplicate links for the character's page may be added once in the plot summary for easy quick jump to related pages.

How to Participate Edit

If you want to participate in this project, put your name next to the characters name and list the status as *Taken*. When you have finished adding the summary for the plot, simply change the status to *Needs Checking For Completion*. Please do not forget to list it as such. Please do remember when you choose what character plot's that your gonna update up-to-date; you will be the person, who would be updating the character plot since the series end. And can move into next article plot, which has been listed, if you so wish. Please do note that admins and mods would be reading your plot summaries and they may edit and add more information to the specific plot; to make it look better.

Plot Summaries To Be CompletedEdit

Plot Summaries That Have Been Taken

Needs Checking for Completion Edit

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