Battle Summary UnitEdit


The Battle Summary Unit is a group of users who would voluntarily complete the task of completing each of the battles that had been shown in the Manhwa. Any user can contribute to this however a user can only complete 3 articles at a time to avoid confusion and delay. Please do note that if you choose to contribute in a specific article; you should be the one to finish it off.


  • Udarsha45 - Project Founder
  • Joan Black - Project Member
  • Aster Scaber - Project Member
  • Ysyoon1998 - Project Member

What you must do in the Battle Summary UnitEdit

The following duties as follows,

1. To add battle summaries.

2. To assure the current battle you're working on is properly defined.

3. To check and remove false content.

4. To assure the battle has proper references.

5. To check afterwards of grammatical mistakes. 

6. To add pictures towards the article.

How to Participate Edit

If you want to participate in this project, put your name next to the article's name and list it under the section Taken. When you have finished adding the content for the battle, simply list it under Needs Checking For Completion. Please do not forget to list it as such. Once it is listed under checking section, any editor can feel free to check/add info/change content of the page. Please do note that admins and mods would be reading your battle summaries and they may edit and add more information to the specific battle; to make it look better. Once the page passes checking, links will be removed (by admins).

Battle Summaries To Be CompletedEdit

Battle Summaries That Are Already TakenEdit

Needs Checking for CompletionEdit

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