"I am Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. The absolute who protects all, the Noblesse. I had a long dream during the past 820 years. I remember, what happened that day. War, conspiracy, treachery. In spite of all this chaos I wanted to protect (you). Muzaka, and Ashleen. I did not want to lose you. Even if the sacred duty of Noblesse leads us to the destruction..."

A tale which had been dormant for 820 years has awakened through animation!


Noblesse: Beginning of Destruction(Kor. 노블레스: 파멸의 시작) is the first full-length animated version of Noblesse. It is an OVA revealed in the 17th Bucheon International Animation Festival. The animation was released in DVD form, from Woongjin Thinkbig Funnism on December 4, 2015.

The OVA story revolves around the life of Muzaka and his daughter Ashleen. It reveals the 820 year-old conspiracy which ultimately led to the battle between Rai and Muzaka.

Plot Edit

The human world is in great turmoil due to the many wars among the humans. Muzaka and Ashleen witness the horrors of War in dismay and seek refuge in isolation. Ashleen believed that Muzaka was an uncle who used to visit frequently. They lead a humble and blissful life in a cottage at the bottom of a gorge. One day, Muzaka visits his cherished friend, Rai after a long time and convinces him to leave his mansion. He introduces him to Ashleen and reveals that her mother was one of the many innocents who lost their lives due to human greed. Muzaka adds that he intends to protect Ashleen at all cost and ensure that she experiences human happiness(age naturally, fall in love, start a family, etc).

In Lukedonia, the traitor noble clan leaders learn that Muzaka and his daughter were seen again. They discuss that the time for Maduke to start the last phase of their plan has come, and that the wars were orchestrated by him as a part the plan to kill Rai and Muzaka. The traitors colluded with Maduke and hid their activities from their noble Lord in order to put the Noblesse to eternal sleep. Urokai is skeptical as he doubts that Rai would fight his only friend but Lagus reminds him that Rai had killed members of his own race to protect humans. Lagus tells them to rejoice since centuries of their efforts have finally come to fruition.

Maduke employs some humans to keep an eye on Muzaka and helps them to conquer more kingdoms. According to him, the only way for long lasting peace to prevail is that the world should be ruled by the strong...wars were just a means to achieve that.

Rai defends Muzaka from Maduke and his werewolf henchmen when they arrive at the gorge. Muzaka and Ashleen decide to hide in the Northern Mountains. Before leaving, Rai remarks that Muzaka has changed greatly.

Back at the mansion, Frankenstein informs Rai that one of the clan leaders had come to tell them that the human wars have spread to the Northern mountains. Rai has a sudden premonition and leaves in the blink of an eye. Frankenstein finds it's strange that a clan leader came by to brief them about human wars. Frankenstein notices that his Master is no longer in the mansion...

As the chaos of the war spreads, one of Maduke's henchmen takes a group of human soldiers with him to kill Ashleen. Maduke plans to enrage Muzaka by killing his only child and shift the blame on the humans. The henchmen successfully find Ashleen. She overpowers four human soldiers and escapes on horseback. Unfortunately, she is followed by the werewolf sent by Maduke. He shoots her with a crossbow arrow instead of using his werewolf powers to fool Muzaka. Ashleen collapses in Muzaka's arms and dies. Muzaka is grief stricken and blames humans for taking away everything he cared for: First his human lover and then his daughter.

Rai arrives at the scene and tries to calm Muzaka. The werewolf Lord tells Rai that he will not understand his pain and shoves him out of his way. Muzaka, who had protected humans in the past, embarks on a rampage to wipe out their entire race, and Rai decides to stop him even if it means fighting his only friend. An epic battle takes place. Muzaka reveals that Ashleen was his daughter, and she died without knowing it. In the end, Muzaka falls unconscious on the ground due to his heavy injuries. Rai escapes from the battle field but is heavily wounded and is on the brink of death. He uses the earring given to him by the Lord in order to prevent his powers from leaking out and summons a casket in which he enters hibernation. The site where the casket is placed is destroyed by the blast resulting from the final clash between the two. Rai's casket falls in the ocean, and he enters his long slumber.

Epilogue : Edit

820 years later, a scuba diver who works for a subsidiary of the Union finds the casket in the ocean bed.


List of CharactersEdit


  • Gradeus (as an incomplete prototype character)
  • Edian Drosia (as an incomplete prototype character)


At the time the OVA went into production, Edian and Gradeus were characters still in their conceptual development phase. In the OVA, the prototype version of Edian had auburn locks and taller stature. The prototype version of Gradeus in the OVA was blonde and had a taller and slimmer physique.

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