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It is the official anime adaptation based on Noblesse Webtoon, produced by Japanese anime studio Production I.G. The story covers the first two arcs of Volume 1 with minor changes in the storyline.




Noblesse Awakening animation31:41

Noblesse Awakening animation

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  • In main Webtoon, Rai awakens in broad daylight while in this anime, he awakens at night on a full moon.
  • Rai is not brought to Frankenstein by Shinwoo.
  • This is a heavily condensed version of the entire Season 1, omitting many factors in the process. So anyone who has not read the Webtoon may have trouble understanding the anime.
  • In the main Webtoon, there is a much longer section about endings for M-21 and M-24. M-21 later becomes a major supporting character, while M-24 is shown to have died in a different way than in the ONA, leaving M-21 stricken with grief (which seems to affect his character development)

In the main Webtoon, a certain event triggers M-21's power which leads to the death of the Infected created by M-24. This is important because of a certain play out of events much later in the Webtoon.

Shinwoo has a crush on Yuna, and runs extra laps so she could escape punishment for arriving late at school.

The Infected created by M-24 harboured a deep grudge against both Shinwoo and M-21 after Shinwoo threw a trashcan at his head, and M-21 acted authoritatively towards him. He attacks Shinwoo multiple times by using Yuna and Ik-Han as bait.

In the main Webtoon, Shinwoo, Ik-Han and Yuna often visit Rai at Frankenstein's house, causing a ruckus when Rai does not know how to open the door for them.

M-21 and M-24 belonged to M-series, a batch of hundred humans who were experimented on by the Union for physical enhancement. They are the only two survivors, but are labelled as failed specimens and used as low-ranking agents. Their goal is to find their real names.

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