Muzaka faces the assassins dispatched by Maduke to kill him. After slicing Grui into halves in one stroke, he accepts Gaitan's challenge to fight.


Maduke sent Grui and Gaitan to assassinate Muzaka. During their mission, Grui and Gaitan get involved in fight with Rael, Regis and the trio which results in Rai's interference. Muzaka comes in the nick of time to prevent Rai from killing the werewolves. He then faces his family issues himself and answers the attack launched by Grui and Gaitan. Gaitan declares to the ex-Lord that the werewolves are now stronger than before with the help of human modifications they have adopted. An amused Muzaka invites Gaitan to show the extent of their power and their battle begins.

Battle SummaryEdit

Gaitan powers up and aims a punch at Muzaka. Their ex-Lord stops the attack with ease. But Gaitan continues to boast of the human technology and aim more punches. At first, Gaitan's attacks land on Muzaka who is only on the defense. However, Muzaka gets bored of Gaitan's attacks soon, not finding any promising change from the boasted enhancement. So, he takes his turn to attack and easily pushes back Gaitan. As Gaitan aims another punch, Muzaka breaks his arm. Then he uses his claws to make a gash on Gaitan and sends him flying. Muzaka delivers his finishing blow in his wolf form which completely annihilates Gaitan.


The full-extent power use exhausts Muzaka as it has been a long time since he last used that attack. As he lands on ground, Raizel throws a worrying stare at him. Muzaka is uneasy but discloses this turn of events is not entirely unexpected to him.

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