Mark (Kor. 마크) is one of the members of the assassination squad that works for Dr. Crombel as undercover agents. 'Mark' is actually his codename.


Mark's original appearance has not been shown. His appearance at present takes on M-24.


Mark is revealed as rather calm, cold and serious in his manner, even towards his teammates from the Assassination Squad.


Mark is first shown as M-24 escaping from a laboratory. However, this is revealed to be a disguise as his true allegiance lies with Dr. Crombel. He infiltrated Frankenstein's Residence with the goal of acquiring data from the laboratory which will help Dr. Crombel in his own experiments.


On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

Plot OverviewEdit

Volume 5Edit

Decision Arc

Mark appears after the 12th Elder is annihilated. Under Dr. Crombel's order, he assumes the guise of M-24 to infiltrate Frankenstein's home and collect all research data. Apart from Crombel, only Yuri knows about this mission. Mark even withholds his own memory for the success of complete infiltration. He stages the break out of lab and causes a ruckus to draw the attention of Rai and others.
When brought to Frankenstein's home, Mark, acting as M-24, conducts his mission of gathering information. The very first info he finds is about the book Rai reads so seriously: Gaming for Idiots. He is observed searching records in the computer of Frankenstein's lab by Tao who reports it to Frankenstein. M-21 tries to cover up for his assumed friend, however, when Mark continues to do it regardless of M-21's advice, it raises a suspicion amongst them. Once during an evening walk, M-21 and Mark meet the children who address their "ajussi" but for some reason M-21 doesn't tell his supposed friend anything regarding the children.
One night, Yuri meets up with Mark and awakens him by threatening his life. Mark rages at his teammate but Yuri warns him that he has to finish his mission as soon as possible. After that, Mark returns to Frankenstein's home and collects all data he could find during the time when all the household left to look for Tao and Takeo. He leaves the place after wrecking the lab. He informs Yuri about his departure, which in turn, is reported to Dr. Crombel.

Traitorous Clan Leader Arc

Afterwards, Dr. Crombel sends Mark again, this time accompanied by Kalvin, to assist Yuri in procuring the remaining data from Frankenstein's lab. Despite Yuri's worry, Mark comes up with the plan of kidnapping the children and blackmailing M-21 to bring the data to them. He calls M-21 who has just returned home with his teammates from Frankestein's training. After he pronounces his demand and terms, Mark and his teammates wait in the school building.
The RK manages to rescue the children and confront the assassins. M-21 and Mark remain in the classroom while their teammates pick their own fights. Mark charges at M-21 and the attack sends him flying through the wall and to the school grounds. Mark gains the upperhand on his opponent, continuously attacking him. When M-21 transforms his arms and goes on the offense, Mark receives small wounds. Their fight is halt by Kalvin's announcement regarding the antidote for the children. Mark and Yuri spectate as Kalvin tricks M-21, Regis and Takeo to consume the poison pills. When Rael arrives and attacks the assassins (manipulated by Tao), Mark and Yuri decide to flee to save themselves, leaving Kalvin behind.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Physical ProwessEdit

Mark has remarkable enhanced physical strength as displayed during his battle with M-21. His speed is also superior to that of the then M-21 (partially transformed).


Mark has exceptional skill at impersonating out others. He adopts not only the appearance of his target but almost every other possible characteristic, such as behavior, personality, voice, and their abilities in order to make perfect infiltration possible. If necessary, memories can be temporarily blocked. It depends on the cells which are absorbed from the target's body to replicate them and their abilities. Mark has assumed M-24's identity by imbibing considerable amount of M-24's brain and body cells in order to fulfill his mission of infiltrating Frankenstein's Residence. The disguise is taken to such an extreme extent that Mark even forgets his real identity as well as suffering from the similar pain M-24 used to suffer for his unstable condition. Once having entered that stage, he can only be awakened when his life is put in danger. Even Yuri is jealous of such flawless disguise.



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