Maduke's castle was located in the current lair of the werewolves. It was built on top of  a steep rocky mountain. Its had a heavily fortified periphery.

The central tower housed the werewolf Lord's throne room. It  was a spacious but dark hall flanked with columns and arches. The throne sat atop a flight of steps at one end of the chamber with an aisle leading to it. This was the place where the werewolf warriors used to warriors assembled.

The castle also had secret laboratories nearby used for physical modification of werewolves. The weak and traitors of the clan were sent to the lab to serve as experiment specimen. Garda has been held captive within the lab and used as specimen to experiment on for ages. Both Kentas and Lunark discover it which subsequently leads to turning against Maduke.

In Season 8, Kentas and M-21 destroy the labs before escaping. Later on, Rozaria Elenor who accompanies the noble Lord to the werewolf territory, reduces the castle to ruins with her ultimate skill, Divine Judgement. She uses the attack twice to ensure that there is no remains, fueled by her urge to avenge Rajak.

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