The battle takes place at Ye Ran High School when the children were taken as hostages.


Mark takes the children as hostages so that he can get more data from Frankenstein's laboratory. During the exchange, the RK-4 manages to trick Mark, Yuri and Kalvin and take the children. To stall for time so that Regis and Takeo can hide the children, M-21 confronts the three who are chasing them. During the confrontation, Kalvin reveals that he poisoned the kids which leads M-21 to become enraged.

Battle SummaryEdit

Pg. 272 An enraged M-21 throws a punch towards his opponents which creates a hole through the ceiling of the classroom they are currently in. Yuri and Kalvin leap to the roof where Takeo and Regis face them. M-21 and Mark remain in the classroom to fight. Mark rushes to attack first and M-21 has no choice but block the attack which sends him flying through the wall and to the school grounds. Mark jumps after him and catches M-21 off guard. He slams M-21 to the ground which creates a large impact. M-21 stands up just in time to block another attack from Mark. He bares his claws and tries to slash him but Mark dodges by jumping above as he attempts another attack to M-21 from above. M-21 dodges this time but cannot keep up with Mark's speed as he lands a punch on M-21. M-21 is thrown to a building and falls to the ground. Mark steps on M-21 with force but before he could land another punch, M-21 slashes at him, his arms completely transformed. Mark blocks the attack but obtains small wounds on his arms from M-21's attack. Their fight is halted by Kalvin's announcement. M-21, Regis and Takeo consume the pills of poison Kalvin has given in exchange for the antidote for the children. However, the deal is a ruse and the three cough up blood as their power is reduced. Rael arrives before M-21's fight with Mark resumes.


Rael takes Mark's attention away from M-21 as he starts to repeatedly attack the three Assassination Squad members using Grandia. Mark escapes with Yuri.

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