This is a sequel to the battle between the guard trio and Kentas.


Tao and Takeo are critically injured after they secure M-21 and face Kentas by themselves. M-21's power awakens for the first time after his final encounter with the Infected as he resolves to protect his comrades from the raging werewolf warrior.

Battle SummaryEdit

Everyone is spellbound to witness M-21’s transformation. Kentas is shocked at how identical M-21’s appearance and energy are to that of his kinsmen and demands an explanation. After M-21 refuses to answer, he contemplates taking care of Tao and Takeo first but fails to notice M-21 charging at him. M-21 succeeds in delivering a series of powerful blows. Kentas sustains several cuts and is pushed backwards. He yells at M-21 but is caught off guard again as M-21 charges at him in full force. Another explosion follows and as the dust clears, Kentas walks out unhurt but not completely unscathed. He is visibly excited and slashes at M-21. He follows up by impaling M-21 with his bare arm. M-21 tries to attack Kentas, but he appears behind him and thrusts him into the ground and follows up with a powerful slash. He is pushed back and sustains lacerations while blocking the attack. The two charge at each other and clash with a huge explosion. M-21 returns to his human form, defeated. His opponent expresses disappointment and kicks him away.

Kentas powers up to finish off the modified humans who are in no condition to move. However, he is interrupted by a powerful attack. As the smoke clears, Kentas finds himself staring at a soul weapon and recognizes the wielder as the clan leader of the Landegre.


After a brief talk with Gejutel, Kentas realizes that it would be troublesome if the Union finds out about him. He leaves with a promise to fight the next time.

Image GalleryEdit

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