Lunark (Kor. 루나크) is a werewolf warrior and had served as the 5th Elder of the Union until after she withdrew from the Union along with the rest of the werewolf clan. She was the only female Union Elder.


Lunark is a fair woman with pink eyes. She has light brown hair that extends past her shoulders. She wears the standard white and gold hooded robes of a Union Elder.

When Lunark fully transforms into her werewolf form and releases her power, her hair becomes much longer and her entire body becomes covered in light grayish-brown fur. In this state, she also grows fangs and claws.


Lunark is typically a very cynical person. She's shown to truly enjoy the thrill of battle if her opponent is strong enough and expresses deep anger at anybody trying to interrupt her.

Her sense of honor and pride is sometimes in conflict with her goal-driven actions.

However, despite her personality, Lunark had shown a compassionate side. Although she is aware that Muzaka is deemed by their tribe as a traitor, she felt sadness by this revelation. Unlike the majority of the werewolves, she and her friend, Kentas, rejected any modification to their bodies and just rely on their natural power and strength.

She and Kentas believe that the role of a Warrior is to protect their race and not to sacrifice them for the sake of power. In order to protect Kentas and to stop the atrocities carried out by their clan, she didn't hesitate to seek out Muzaka.


Her history with the Union is not entirely disclosed yet, but her rank suggests that she is a senior and powerful member of the Union, as well as of the werewolf race. She appears to have lived for quite a long period of time as well, due to her knowledge of Frankenstein from over 800 years before the series started. She is first introduced in the series when she is sent along with 7th and 8th Elders to punish the ones responsible for Rostere and Muar's deaths as well as start the war against Lukedonia by attacking their hierarchy.

Plot Overview

Volume 5

Traitorous Clan Leader Arc

The 5th elder is first introduced when she (along with the 7th Elder, Zarga Siriana, and the 8th Elder) arrive in the city and meet with the director of the KSA in order to warn them about the impending battle that would take place, so that the KSA could take the necessary measures to quickly and effectively respond and contain the damage. During the exchange, the 5th Elder acted arrogantly towards the director and bristled at the suggestion that she be required to inform him of anything at all, forcing Zarga to step in and defuse the situation.
As the Elders gaze at the cityscape and deliberate on progress and development of humanity, eventually, they begin to discuss how to get the nobles' attention. The 5th Elder suggests that by causing damage to the surrounding areas, the nobles would be forced to appear; she partially transforms her hand and destroys a few buildings. Eventually, Seira shows up in front of the Elders which prompts the 5th Elder to comment on her beauty.
Once Seira and Zarga begin their battle, she spends the entire battle simply observing things or giving brief comments.
When Frankenstein arrives, the 5th Elder reacts to hearing Zarga mention his name and is surprised at Frankenstein's appearance, having never met him before. Once Frankenstein begins his attacks on the three Elders, the 5th Elder avoids his initial attacks but is hit in an exchange by Frankenstein's Dark Spear. She blocks his attack and is impressed of his toughness. She mentions having heard of him before as he is famous even within the werewolf race for being a human with great power. She opines it was reckless for him to fight all three of them alone. Just as the 8th Elder attempts to attack him, Frankenstein then reveals that he's not alone, and the 8th Elder's attack is thwarted by Rajak Kertia in a surprise assault. When Frankenstein mentions that Rajak has just defeated 8th Elder, she is very amused and replies that he isn't defeated yet. The 8th Elder gets back up and commences his battle with Rajak.
As the 8th Elder begins to fall behind, she realizes that the 8th Elder cannot win the fight and decides to intervene in the battle. Despite Zarga feeling uncomfortable with her decision, she believes that winning is more important than their pride, and furthermore, that the 8th Elder must not be defeated, since he now has new battle data about the current generation of clan leaders that they can use. However, before she could make a move, Frankenstein stabs the 8th Elder with his Dark Spear.
Destroyed School
The 5th Elder decides on wasting no more time and attacks Frankenstein, beginning their battle. The 5th Elder manages to have the upper hand in their battle dealing a few blows on Frankenstein, however, Frankenstein recalls his Dark Spear from the 8th Elder, aborting the consumption process. Once Frankenstein fights her with the power of the Dark Spear, she is impressed with Frankenstein and agrees that he was worthy of the werewolf race's respect. She decides to fully transform and use the full extent of her werewolf powers. She resumes her battle with Frankenstein and gains the upper hand on him. She compliments his ability once again and seems to be enthralled with Frankenstein and his power.

Reunion Arc

The Earnest Wish
Their battle is interrupted upon the arrival of the 6th Elder, Urokai. Urokai soon asks her if she could let him fight Frankenstein, since he has a grudge that he earnestly wants to settle. However, she refuses him despite his insistent requests. She acts possessively over Frankenstein and her battle with him. She also states that it would be shameful and unfair if Urokai, a fresh opponent, were to face Frankenstein, who is fatigued from his battle with her.
Frankenstein at this point lets his Dark Spear consume him, increasing his power, and attacks the 5th Elder again. They continue their battle with both sides dealing numerous injuries to each other, while the 5th Elder is in near-ecstasy over the battle and Frankenstein. The 8th Elder attempts a surprise attack on Frankenstein as retribution for his earlier defeat, but Frankenstein avoids his energy attack and kills him with a bunch of slashes. Frankenstein then begins to attack Zarga and Urokai, causing the 5th Elder to remark that he appears to intend on fighting all 3 Elders at once. Rajak heads off to face Zarga, but Urokai and Frankenstein continue to fight.
As Urokai and Frankenstein clash, the 5th Elder is greatly annoyed and tells Urokai to back down so she can continue her one-on-one battle with Frankenstein. Eventually, he backs down and she resumes her battle once more. She expresses how much she likes Frankenstein and wants Frankenstein to "be hers." However, Frankenstein begins to become fully taken over by the Dark Spear but for the sudden interference of Urokai who throws Dragus into him, greatly angering the 5th Elder. He apologies for stepping in and promises that he won't interfere anymore but the 5th Elder has lost her interest due to him ruining their fight, so she watches Urokai and the now-weakened Frankenstein, who has regained his senses, fight.
The 5th Elder takes notes that Frankenstein has become far too weak from his battle with her and tries to talk Urokai out of the battle, mentioning the opponent's battle-worn state. However, the delightful Urokai doesn't mind and the 5th wonders to herself how someone as crazy like him used to be a clan leader.
Cadis Etrama Di Raizel then arrives. At the mention of his name, the 5th Elder is shocked that the Noblesse is still alive. Rai and the two former clan leaders then begin the battle, and everyone else, including the 5th Elder, observes. She is impressed and awed by the power of the Noblesse, and greets him respectfully after the battle. Rai tells her to pass along the message of his existence to the Union.
The 5th Elder reports to the Union that the Noblesse still exists and is the cause of the 6th and 7th Elders' deaths, but it seems she has withheld certain details from the Union, such as Frankenstein's existence.

Volume 6

After Ignes causes commotion in the human world, the 2nd Elder tasks Lunark to investigate the incident, requiring her to go to the 4th Elder's compound. She receives further orders from the 2nd Elder to also secretly investigate the 4th and 9th Elder's activities. She brings Kentas with her to Roctis' Island. When Rai, Frankenstein, and Rajak invade the island - also as a result of Ignes' actions, the 5th Elder goes to investigate the commotion and finds Frankenstein and the 9th Elder fighting. There she learns more about Frankenstein from his conversation with the other elder. Despite the 9th Elder's request to help him out with the battle, she declines from doing so (according to her Lord's order to avoid frontal clash). She watches the Dark Spear consume her fellow Elder. When Frankenstein turns to face her, she avoids conflict and rather comments on his handsome appearance.
A sudden release of aura holds their attention and they both depart to witness the annihilation of Roctis. The 5th Elder is shocked to see even a physically modified ex-clan leader and Union Elder defeated so easily. However, she is even greatly shocked when Muzaka awakens as she, along with all other werewolves, believed him to be dead. She couldn't move while their previous lord clashes with the Noblesse. Kentas arrives and upon seeing the situation urges her to leave with him and report to their current Lord about it. Although, reluctant to do so, she complies when Kentas convinces her that Muzaka had betrayed them and the situation could get worse if they're caught up in that battle. Later she is shown to report the deaths of the 4th and 9th Elders and Muzaka's presence to the werewolf Lord, the 2nd Elder.
Afterwards, the werewolf Lord orders her and Kentas to find Muzaka. He sends them to surveil South Korea where the Noblesse had first appeared. When Lunark and Kentas arrive there, they have to operate separately because of the presence of the 3rd Elder. There, both she and the 3rd Elder receive greetings from Karias (in form of long range attacks). When Karias reveals himself, they introduce each other and the 5th Elder fights him head-on while the 3rd contributes randomly to surprise Karias with his attacks. She closes down the distance between her and Karias to attack him lethally. Her final charge is supposed to finish off the noble but it is blocked by the Lord of nobles. The Elders decide to retreat but before leaving they aim a parting gift of a blast at the nobles. It is answered by a swing of Ragnarok's blow and the elders find it more convenient to retreat acknowledging the noble Lord to be too powerful for them to take on.

Volume 7

The 5th Elder, Lunark, is assigned by their Lord to lead a mission in secret from the other Union members. She is provided with Kentas and two other werewolves as teammates. She waits with Kentas for their pack members to come as Kentas complains about the incredulity that their Lord decided to call upon those guys. The aforementioned pack members - Grui and Gaitan show up. Heated words are exchanged between Kentas and Grui, at one point of which the latter accuses Lunark of imbibing human attitude after becoming accustomed to human way of living. Lunark steps in to stop the duo before things get out of hand. When Grui refuses to acknowledge her authority, Lunark reminds him that she has been assigned leadership of this mission by their Lord. However, Grui is adamant to not acknowledge her superiority and Lunark invites him to get wild as he pleases on the spot. Gaitan's intervention stops further ruckus. Lunark then elaborates on the assigned task which is to capture Muzaka and if that is impossible, to kill him. As Grui enjoys the idea of a hunt, Lunark gives further information and rules, telling them to remember not to conflict with the enemy nor be discovered by the Union. After Grui and Gaitan leave, Lunark asks Kentas to keep calm as it is already hard enough for her to keep the other two under control. Kentas is offended by the comparison and affirms that he considers capturing Muzaka as his first task. After a moment of quiet examination, Lunark is impressed to see that he isn't a fool who always picks up a fight.
Afterwards, when Grui and Gaitan get engaged in a battle with the young nobles and modified trio, Lunark and Kentas hurry to help them out. They arrive at the spot and, quite unexpectedly, come face-to-face with Muzaka - their assassination target. Furthermore, Frankenstein arrives and declares that he has an unsettled business with the werewolves. Seeing the Noblesse, their ex-Lord and Frankenstein all together worries them to the point to consider whether they'll make it back alive. Surprisingly, Muzaka stands up for them, bargains with Frankenstein to let them leave and even advises them what to report to Maduke so that he doesn't get mad at them. They are prudent enough to seize the opportunity and leave as soon as possible.
Before meeting their Lord, Lunark and Kentas perch on a rooftop and discuss how to report the mission failure. Lunark suggests they leave out about Muzaka as their situation was a desperate one and it is only because of Muzaka that they have survived. Kentas accepts the fact but reminds her that Muzaka is their enemy. Then they report to Maduke who chides the two for not completing their mission. Lunark retorts that the Noblesse and clan leaders were also there and there was no way for them to succeed. The sudden appearance of traitor clan leaders halt the argument and the two werewolves take their leave.

Volume 8

Lunark and Kentas learns about the tragic fate of Garda: She is being used as an experiment specimen. Lunark also learns that Maduke is using the weaker members of their race as experiment specimens. She gets more shocked when she learns that those who oppose their Lord's use of clan members are marked as traitors and used as experimental spcimens. She is forced to seek help from her former Lord when Kentas is marked as a traitor and left to be used as an experiment specimen.
Lunark travels to South Korea where she meets Frankenstein with the help of KSA. She offers M-21's location to Frankenstein in exchange for a meeting with Muzaka. Frankenstein holds his end of bargain by bringing Muzaka. Lunark gets on her knees and begs her former Lord for help. She is able to convince Muzaka to help her by explaining the condition of Garda and other werewolves who are used as test specimens.
Lunark, Muzaka, Rai and Frankenstein leave for Maduke's castle in order to rescue Kentas, Garda and M-21. As they near the shores of the werewolves' territory, Muzaka instructs her to search for Kentas by herself and undertakes facing the rest. She reaches the lab where Kentas and M-21 were held captive; however, the former is missing. She realizes M-21 is the human Frankenstein is looking for but hesitates unshackling him and burdening herself. She changes her mind and frees him, but before she can rouse him, Ignes arrives and declares M-21 is her property. Ignes chides Lunark for being abandoned by her clan and offers to spare her out of pity. Lunark is unable to tolerate the humiliation, and she challenges Ignes. Their battle comes to an abrupt end when Lunark reveals that the Noblesse has accompanied her and Muzaka.


  • Kentas: Lunark and Kentas are friends and partners and they share the same ideals. Both of them refrain from accepting physical modification. She shows great care and concern for Kentas. She doesn't hesitate to betray Maduke and look for Muzaka in order to save Kentas.
  • Maduke:
  • Muzaka:

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  • Frankenstein: Lunark has shown to have interest in Frankenstein and respects his achievements and power. It is also observed that she didn't report the existence of Frankenstein to her superiors in the Union. She even seeks help from Frankenstein to meet with and later heal Muzaka.

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Powers & Abilities

Lunark is a very powerful werewolf warrior, having obtained the position of 5th Elder within the Union. She was capable of fighting on equal grounds with Frankenstein when he gets fully taken over by the Dark Spear. Karias Blerster, a Clan Leader, states that she's a formidable opponent. Even Ignes Kravei, the self-proclaimed clan leader who received physical modifications before receiving her Soul Weapon, states that Lunark is powerful. Lunark was also able to fight Urne and Mirai equally, with her stating that fighting only one of them is too easy and that they could only present a proper challenge for her by teaming up together. This is later proven when Juraki notes that Mirai is no match for Lunark when fighting her alone. According to her, even Roctis did not take her lightly despite being the 4th Elder and a modified Noble.


5th elder 2

Lunark's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Lunark can transform her body into a more wolf-like form. This transformation causes her body to be covered in fur as well as make her hair grow out longer. When transformed, her physical abilities and senses are greatly enhanced.

Physical Prowess

Lunark possesses incredible physical strength, as she easily blows up a building with a mere slash of her claws. She is very durable, shown when she blocks Frankenstein's Dark Spear without suffering any notable injuries. She is also extremely fast, able to surprise Frankenstein with her speed and keeps up with him when he gets fully taken over by the Dark Spear.

  • Claws: During her battle with Ignes Kravei, she demonstrated the ability to enlarge her claws in her transformed state.
  • Regeneration: As a werewolf, Lunark possesses superior regeneration that allows her to focus more on trading blows with her enemies. It has been noted that she aided the Union's human modification research on this aspect, particularly with the 8th Elder's creation.

Aura Manipulation

She-wolves 453

Lunark (left) vs Urne and Mirai.

As a warrior, Lunark possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura) that is equal to clan leaders. She is very skilled at manipulating her own aura, shown when she uses an aura blast against Raskreia with one hand while she charges up another with the other hand. Lunark can utilize her kinds most powerful attack which is powerful enough to withstand the combined ultimate attack of Urne and Mirai.



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