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Clan Symbol Unknown
Clan Specialty The Landegre Clan is well-known for their loyalty towards the Lord and the Noblesse. The Landegre Clan strictly follows the Code of noblesse conduct which states not to harm humans, takes great pride in helping those who are in need of help.
Landegre Clan's fighting technique primarily involves destroying their opponents through a very strong frontal assault.
Soul Weapon Legasus
Current Clan Leader
Regis K. Landegre, grandson to Gejutel. He has not had his coming of age ceremony yet. But the soul weapon's response to his strong will to save his comrades made Gejutel acknowledge that Regis is ready to succeed him.
Gejutel K. Landegre is Regis' grandfather. He has served both lords for the longest term and is well known for his loyalty. After his son's death, Gejutel once again took the mantle of Clan Leader because Regis was underage.
Rousare Landegre was Gejutel's son and Regis' father. Rousare had already inherited the title of Landegre Clan Leader after Gejutel abdicated, but was killed 100 years ago.
Successor None
Minutiae Members of Landegre Clan are well known for their unwavering conviction and stubbornness.
Although not as severe as Loyard Clan, the Landegre Clan has also lost much of its influence and powers since Rousare's assassination.
Although loyal to the Lord, it is not mandatory; it is up to the leader of Landegre Clan to decide to whom the clan should be loyal to.(Gejutel addressed this in NoblesseS novel)

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