Krasis Blerster (Kor. 크라시스 블러스터) was the father and predecessor of Karias Blerster, being the clan leader of Blerster Clan during the previous Lord's reign.


Krasis was a tall, blonde man with red eyes and a similar hairstyle as his son Karias with the exception of tying it up near his shoulder. He had a bearded chin. Unlike his son, he wore his noble's attire in the proper manner.


Krasis was accused of being stiff by the previous Lord and had to swear that his son must not become the same.


Krasis was one of those clan leaders loyal to the previous Lord who entered eternal slumber with him.

Plot OverviewEdit

Krasis Blerster is first shown in Chapter 328. During the reign of the previous Lord, Krasis reports to The Lord about the conflict with the werewolves.


On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Being a Clan Leader and possessing a Soul weapon, it can be concluded that Krasis was a powerful Noble. Belonging to the Blerster clan, he specializes in long-range techniques in fighting.

Soul WeaponEdit

Amore: Amore is the soul weapon of the Blerster Clan's leader.


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