Krano (Kor. 크라노) was a werewolf warrior allegiant to Maduke.


Krano had light blond hair and dressed in white robes with a blue collar. He developed moss green fur along his arms and the corners of his abs during transformation to his animalistic state. Upon further transformation, Krano developed scales, and the fur on his shoulders and wrists grew longer.


Initially, Krano appeared to be calm and composed. After watching Gorma's fate, he was cautious while fighting Frankenstein. However, he displayed arrogance during his battle with Rael.

As a modified warrior, it can be presumed that Krano approved of using the weaker members of his race as test subjects.


Krano belonged to the crew of four werewolves lead by Dorant to capture Muzaka but were intercepted by Frankenstein instead.

Plot Overview

Volume 8

Krano and his crew members find it irksome that a human has infiltrated their territory and assume Frankenstein belongs to the Union. They decide to proceed hunting Muzaka, leaving Gorma to deal with Frankenstein. Frankenstein spreads his Dark Energy projectiles in order to establish that no one can leave without his permission, compelling the werewolves to evade his attack. Krano wonders who Frankenstein is while Dorant is surprised that the Union had someone like that at their disposal. When the attack intensifies, Dorant recognizes Frankenstein as the strongest human in history. Krano catches hold of a bunch of projectiles and crushes them.
Krano intervenes

Krano saves Gorma.

Gorma excitedly presents himself as Frankenstein's opponent and starts attacking in a frenzy. Frankenstein starts falling back in an attempt to mislead Gorma, prompting Krano to remark that the former may be strong but only for a human and blames Lunark for over-rating him in an attempt to cover up the failure of her mission. When Dorant suggests resuming their hunt, Gorma turns around and insists they wait for him. The distraction gives Frankenstein the opportunity he had been waiting for. He slashes off Gorma's wrist and delivers a few powerful attacks.The spectating werewolves are taken aback with the sudden turn of events. Dorant realizes Frankenstein's tactic and instructs Krano to assist Gorma. Krano becomes indignant and insists on fighting Frankenstein by himself. However, Gorma refuses to relent and is soon defeated. Krano intervenes and prevents Frankenstein from killing his comrade. Krano assures Frankenstein that unlike Gorma who let his arrogance get the better of him, he will not underestimate Frankenstein and fight with all he has from the start. As the two engage in battle, Gorma watches from the sidelines, seething at his defeat. Frankenstein creates an opening to lure him and impales him with Dark Spear. Krano tries to stop the wild weapon from devouring Gorma but fails as the very touch of the weapon injures him. Incensed, Krano resumes his fight; to his surprise, Dorant joins and instructs Braang to follow suit, in order to bring an end to their humiliation. Soon, Frankenstein is overpowered. Karias and Rael arrive and prevent the werewolves from killing Frankenstein. Rael fights Krano, while Frankenstein and Karias take on Dorant and Braang respectively.
At first, Krano is overwhelmed by Rael's speed. He admits that it was fair that the Clan Leaders were compared to the warriors and without the new power the outcome of their battle would have been uncertain as he proceeds to undergo a second transformation. He gains a brief upper hand but is outmatched and slain by a resolute Rael.

Powers & Abilities

Krano is a powerful werewolf warrior. He was capable of fighting Frankenstein as well as Rael Kertia on equal grounds.



Krano's enhanced transformation.

Like all werewolves, Krano can transform into combat mode, a much larger, more muscular and overall, more wolf-like form. After undergoing physical modification, he gains the ability to transform even further which greatly increases his physical abilities and overall power.

Physical Prowess

Krano is very fast, easily able to keep up with Frankenstein. Though not as fast, he can keep up with Rael, the fastest Clan Leader, and surprises him with his speed. After entering his enhanced form, his speed increases to the point were he could overwhelm Rael, stating that he had surpassed him in speed.

Aura Manipulation

Krano has shown to be skilled at manipulating his own aura, shown when he fires a beam from his mouth at Rael.



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