Kei blocks Zaiga's attack which was aimed at Raskreia and declares himself as his opponent.


The Noble Lord pays a visit to the werewolf territory with two of her clan leaders Kei and Rozaria, to avenge the death of Rajak Kertia. They find that the Noblesse is also present there, although, for different agenda. Raskreia tells Rai to go on ahead with his mission while she and Kei face the group of werewolf warriors blocking the way. The warriors are headed by Zaiga, a former werewolf Lord candidate. Meanwhile, Rozaria destroys Maduke's castle, sending shock and fear among the werewolves who have, until then, underestimated the power of Nobles. Raskreia declares it is just the beginning of tribute to Rajak's death and this infuriates Zaiga. He transforms and launches a frontal attack on the Noble Lord but is blocked by Kei Ru who introduces himself as his opponent instead.

Battle SummaryEdit

Zaiga is pushed back by the mere impact of the punch which Kei has used to shield his Lord. He is excited when he learns that he is facing the Ru clan leader, the strongest of all noble clan leaders. He expresses his eagerness to see the abilities of this worthy opponent. Kei dismisses the blabbering (as every werewolf he has met says the exact same thing) and asks Zaiga to start fighting instead. They start off by locking in a fist-fight and match each other out in terms of strength. Then they clash in mid-air, testing out each others abilities. Zaiga is amused having justified the rumors about Ru clan leader's strength but considers Kei not strong enough to defeat him. He uses sorcery and draws enchanted circles from which lightening streaks are discharged at Kei. The close-range attack causes a massive blast and the impact engulfs Kei.


The intervention of Muzaka leaves the battle in an undecided state. Muzaka then takes over from Kei and faces Zaiga.

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