Im Suyi (Kor. 임수이) is an ordinary human and one of the support characters. She is a student of Ye Ran High School and a close friend of the Frankenstein household. She is also a famous celebrity.


Im Suyi (Kor. 임수이) is a very famous celebrity student and a close friend of Shinwoo, Ikhan and Yuna. She also becomes close to the Principal and the other members of Frankenstein's house.


Suyi is a very attractive young girl with dark turquoise hair and a piercing gaze, when she chooses to use it. Because of her looks (and her fame), the kids try to avoid public places when they are with Suyi since strangers will stare at her, making all of them feel uncomfortable.


Even though she is popular, she prefers leading a normal life, and like a lot of other girls she has a huge crush on Rai. She tries to do her best for her friends, even bringing Hansu with her to school in order to let her friends see him despite the fact that she didn't want to deal with him.


  • Han Shinwoo: Suyi is friends with Shinwoo. Despite being a celebrity, she behaves in a normal, friendly attitude and listens to all their requests, even troublesome ones.
  • Woo Ik-Han: Suyi is also friends with Ik-Han.
  • Seo Yuna: Suyi is good friends with Yuna. The two of them hang out together most of the time.

  • Cadis Etrama di Raizel: Like all other girls, Suyi develops a huge crush on Rai at the very first sight. However, she treats him in almost the same manner, albeit a bit more politely than she treats her friends.

  • Frankenstein: At first, Suyi is surprised to see her friends hanging out in the Chairman's place so casually. But she soon gets used to it and often offers to clean up with Yuna. Frankenstein is the Chairman/Director of her school.

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Plot Overview

In her first appearance she is escorted by Hansu, another celebrity idol, to her school after having finished a concert. She gets a crush on Rai at her first glance. She later starts visiting Frankenstein's home to meet with Rai, Regis, and Seira. She gets in trouble when Shark and Hammer from the DA-5 kidnap the students as hostages. They are later saved by Rai. Afterwards, she becomes a regular visitor at Frankenstein's residence along with the other children.


Suyi works as a model and is a popular TV idol.


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