This battle takes place in the outskirts of Maduke's Castle when M-21 attempts to flee from captivity.


Kentas and M-21 were confined and used in experiments by Ignes. With the help of some werewolves, they are released from confinement. They run away after destroying the labs in the castle. Kentas decides to draw attention to himself to help M-21 escape and protect the werewolves they had rescued earlier. So, they part ways. However, Ignes catches up with M-21.

Battle SummaryEdit

M-21 transforms to his werewolf form and lunges at Ignes. She is shocked to see that he is now identical to a real werewolf. As the smoke from their collision clears, Ignes is revealed blocking M-21’s fist effortlessly with her hand. She notes that M-21 is much stronger than an average werewolf and is almost comparable to a warrior. However, her amusement is momentary. She is enraged at the impunity of a “filthy human” and releases an aura rope that entwines M-21’s arm. She tightens it to the point that blood squirts out and M-21 screams in agony.

Ignes tries to contain her excitement and wonders if she should let M-21 recover. M-21 charges at her again but she casually moves aside. He tries harder to slash her but she continues to dodge effortlessly. Ignes tells him that the speed he is demonstrating exceeds the calculations based on her experiments and compliments him. M-21 is furious to hear the self-declared clan leader talk glibly about the cruel experiments and delivers multiple slashes. However, Ignes appears behind him and continues her hypothesis. Just as she demands to know who created him, M-21 lands a powerful punch. Ignes manages to block the attack but skids backwards and sustains superficial bruises on her face. She is surprised that M-21 could move that fast and realizes that he held back so that she would underestimate him. Ignes loses her temper when she notices some blood trickling down her palm. She stops speculating on the interesting specimen and gets serious to capture him. She attacks him with an aura whip that wraps around his torso and stifles him.


Ignes takes M-21 captive and reaches the area where Kentas is battling Gayare.

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