Lunark reaches the lab to rescue Kentas, but finds only a severely brutalized M-21. After a moment of self-conflict, she releases him. Ignes arrives at the scene to prevent her captive from being taken away.


Ignes offers to spare Lunark provided she leaves her 'property'(M-21) and mocks her for being abandoned by her race. Lunark is angered by Ignes' words, and regrets being put to such a humiliating position. She attacks Ignes and tells her to face her instead of spouting nonsense.

Battle SummaryEdit

Ignes summons the Kravei Soul Weapon and is visibly enjoying herself. She tells Lunark that she finds her impressive even though her peers think otherwise. Lunark warns the self declared clan leader that even Roctis did not speak to her in such way. Ignes nonchalantly explains that she has surpassed her father, a clan leader who had accepted the new power. As she declares this, large spikes shoot out from her whip. She tells Lunark not to feel ashamed at being struck down and releases a giant serpent. The serpent chases Lunark and crashes unto the ground in an attempt to swallow her. Fortunately, Lunark dodges the attack and appears behind her opponent. Ignes praises her again but inquires why she returned since there was only so much she and Muzaka could do. Nonetheless, she welcomes it since not only has her prized specimen (Muzaka) returned, but soon Lunark will become her new pet and tells her to look forward to it. Lunark charges forward and tells her to shut up. She notifies Ignes that they have not come alone, and their company includes someone both she and her father knew well. Ignes excitedly wonders aloud who it could be. Lunark tells her not to bother as she will face him just like her father had, and shall meet the same fate. Lunark throws a powerful punch that pushes Ignes back.


Ignes realizes what Lunark has been hinting at - the Noblesse has arrived in the vicinity. Ignes hurriedly pulls back from the fight, bringing it to an abrupt end.

This confuses Lunark, but she acknowledges that nothing good would have come from facing Ignes there and resumes her search for Kentas. On the other hand, Ignes prepares to flee from the place but promises to force the Noblesse into eternal slumber someday. Unfortunately, she finds herself facing the feared opponent before she could make her getaway.

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