Ignes Kravei (Kor. 이그네스 크라베이) is the daughter of Roctis Kravei and the main antagonist of Volume 6. After Roctis' death[1], she is now supposedly the new clan leader of the Kravei Clan.


Ignes has long, wavy, black hair, pale skin and the characteristic crimson red eyes of a Noble. She is rather tall and has an athletic frame. She has showcased two apparels so far. One is a pink top paired with black pants. In her latest appearance she wears a black lipstick, a black cropped turtleneck with gold zipper and black pants paired with high heels. When in the lab in Roctis' Island, she is shown to have shorter hair than before.


Upon her debut, Ignes appeared a cheerful person on the outside. But beneath her smiling demeanor lies an extremely demented and egocentric personality that even her father cannot fully control. Deprived of being the Clan Leader due to her father's continued existence, she is enraged that the current Clan Leaders, her juniors by hundreds of years, possess powers she only dreams of having. That has led to her developing an obsession over physical modification in order to enhance her abilities. She is also shown to be a megalomaniac, expressing her desire to reign over all walks of life on earth (Nobles, humans, werewolves, all). She is cowardly and will try bargain to save her own skin from a superior foe when she has no way out. She believes that all humans are greedy and thus manipulatable if she offers information, money or whatever she believes the other seeks.


Ignes Kravei, the daughter of Roctis Kravei and heir to the Kravei Clan, is considerably older (at least several hundred years more) than all other current Clan Leaders (except Gejutel). She killed humans for fun and her father was forced to betray Rai and Lukedonia in order to protect her from nobles rules. She mentions knowing the parents of Seira and Regis and even calls them 'kids'. She had left Lukedonia with her father 500 years prior to Rai's awakening, when the revolt against the current Lord had happened. Since then she has been living with her father in the Union engaging herself in research.

The position of the 13th Elder was originally supposed to go to her; however, her destructive personality led Roctis to object, and Dr. Crombel was made Elder instead.

Plot Overview

Ignes makes her first appearance when Roctis Kravei and 9th Elder are discussing about the contemporary events related to The Noblesse. She greets the 9th Elder telling him that when she has come to know about his visit, she was sure that he was with her father. She wonders if her father is all right as he seemed anxious. Roctis and the 9th Elder assure her that everything is fine. Later on, She joins 9th Elder for some experiments about which she seems really excited.

Volume 6

Ignes shows up on the visit of Dr. Crombel and accompanies him out. They acquaint themselves and Crombel lets it slip that some elders have been killed by the clan leaders recently which has left the Union disturbed. Ignes is left fuming with the wrath against the noble clan leaders of Lukedonia (against whom she has extreme inferiority complex).
Later she leaves with the anti-clan leader weapons and arrives in the city. She causes chaos to attract attention of the present nobles, an action which is answered by Seira and Regis who happened to be near the vicinity. Ignes is overjoyed to find a clan leader sample for her to take and experiment on - Seira J. Loyard. They engage in a battle after Seira dismisses Regis to protect the humans in the locality. Ignes proves to be superior even with the lack of a soul weapon. She further engages her 3 anti-clan leader weapons to capture Seira who ends up battle-worn and barely standing. Rael arrives and at first Ignes greets him cheerfully, even offering him to join his side; because she assumes he must suffer that inferior feeling of lacking a soul weapon too. However, to Ignes' shock, Rael brings out his Grandia to help Seira. Ignes, outraged at finding even Rael who is not a clan leader, owns a soul weapon, joins the fight herself. As Rael decapitates one of her weapons, she becomes more furious and ends the battle quickly, capturing Seira and parting with a blast directed towards Rael.
Ignes arrives in her father's island knowing that two nobles (Rael and Regis) have followed her. She informs the 9th Elder of this, sending him to capture those experimental samples. With all three samples acquired, Ignes draws out enough blood and cell sample from their body while providing them with regular dose of blasts at intervals to restrain their regeneration. She envisions cutting of their limbs to see if they could fit on a non-clan leader and enable the use of soul weapon. She even thinks of turning Regis into an anti-clan leader weapon.
But before she could perform experiments on them, Rai arrives. Ignes is horrified to see the Noblesse and roots to the spot. Rai takes away her right to utter his name and look at him. With her punishment pronounced, Ignes' eyes bleed profusely and she is rendered unable to see. Before Rai can punish her further for her atrocity, Roctis arrives to protect her. He takes on the Noblesse, telling Ignes to rely on her other senses to flee. This Ignes does and goes as far as she can without her vision while her father battles the Noblesse.
Sensing her father's death, Ignes rejoices at being finally able to own a soul weapon. She is desperate to try it out but restrains herself from risking the giving away of her location. Rather she decides to awaken Muzaka who was held captive in an experimental pod within the lab and use him to avenge her father's death by battling the Noblesse. Ignes strikes the switch of a remote control to activate the awakening and leaves with a malevolent grin.

Volume 7

After the failed invasion of Werewolves and Traitors, Ignes joins forces with the Lord of Werewolves, Maduke.

Volume 8

Ignes and Maduke use each other to satisfy their own goals. Ignes helps Maduke in enhancing his clan members and Maduke in turn, gives her werewolf specimens to experiment on. She carries out brutal and torturous experiments on Werewolves with Maduke's approval. However, the biggest goal that Maduke is trying to achieve through her, is to create a being strong enough to finish off Muzaka. Ignes assures him that she is the perfect person for the job as she knows everything about Muzaka and his weaknesses (having experimented on him for centuries).
Kentas and M-21 are sent to her for experiments. She brutally experiments on them for sadistic pleasure and in order to satisfy her thirst for knowledge.


  • Roctis Kravei: Ignes had been a source of constant worry for her father. However, she continued her crimes ininhibited. She is momentarily distraught when she losses her psychic connection with Roctis, signifying his death; shortly thereafter, she is overcome by the excitement of inheriting his soul weapon. Ignes denies the sacrifices he made as his decisions.
  • Rael Kertia: It is plausible that at some point during Ignes' stay in Lukedonia, Rael was infatuated by her. She teases him for following her around when he was younger and tells him that she can empathise with being a pure-blood who has to live under the shadow of the clan leader. She offers to share her power with him, and even after getting rebuffed, gives him one last chance to reconsider. Her feelings are insincere as she tries to kill him after a second and more vociferous rejection, and uses him as an experiment specimen later.
  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel: Like all pure bloods, Ignes is instinctively intimidated by the Noblesse, more so due to her unforgivable transgressions. She blames Rai for compelling her father to take the extreme decisions that eventually lead to his death. She is shown to have a fascination for Rai's powers

  • 9th Elder: He was Ignes' research partner and shared her morbid interest in conducting experiments on live subjects.
  • Dr. Crombel: Unlike her father and the 9th Elder, Ignes treated Dr. Crombel amicably during his visit. He is aware of her grudge against the clan leaders and instigates her to participate in the Union's ongoing conflict with Lukedonia.
  • Frankenstein: Ignes is shown to be acquainted with Frankenstein and his master from the start as opposed to the current generation of pure-bloods.

Ignes regards humans as an inferior species and has sacrificed many for her experiments without the slightest remorse.

  • Maduke: Maduke was often seen by Ignes' side during her stay with the werewolves. He gave her a free hand and provided her with members from his clan for her experiments in order to exploit her knowledge for his nefarious plans

Powers & Abilities

Ignes was a powerful Noble where she experimented on herself to become a powerful modified Noble. She was originally supposed to become the 13th Elder but Roctis made sure she didn't get the job. According to Crombel she is far stronger than the current Clan Leaders. She has shown to be able to defeat Seira easily as well as Regis & Rael. After getting a Soul Weapon she becomes more powerful where she fights on par with Lunark who is the 5th Elder & a powerful werewolf Warrior on her own right.

Soul Weapon

Ignes vs Lunark3

The giant serpent manifested by the soul weapon.

After Roctis's death, as his sole heir, Ignes becomes the leader of her clan and gains the Soul Weapon of the Kravei Clan. It is a black whip irradiated with black aura energy with claw-like protrusions. It has a braided gold handle. Her skills include transforming the whip into a giant serpent (possibly based on Apophis or Jörmungandr).

Aura Manipulation


Ignes creates a whip of energy by simply exhaling.

Due to being a Noble, and a modified one at that, Ignes has immense talent for aura manipulation. Like most aura users, she can focus her energy in her palm and release it with enormous force, enough to casually obliterate multiple skyscrapers. However she also has unique aura manipulation techniques such as:

  • Aura Whip: By simply breathing, she can create a whip of dark indigo aura energy that she can freely manipulate with her mind. The whip is capable of destroying skyscrapers and shredding apart reinforced steel. Ignes can make the whip disappear by inhaling. 
  • Aura Arrow: Ignes can create a large arrow shaped bolt of aura energy that she can fire at supersonic (possibly hypersonic) speeds, allowing her to destroy an area equivalent to a city block in a fraction of a second.

Physical Prowess

As a pure-blooded noble, Ignes owns great physical and spiritual powers. Those natural abilities are accompanied by physical enhancements that she needed to make up for her lack of a Soul Weapon. She is very talented fighter and proficient at using her aura very perfectly. She demonstrated unique techniques and unique fighting capability. She easily defeated Seira and nearly defeated Regis and Rael.

  • Superhuman Strength: Ignes' strength is demonstrated for the first time in Chapter 298. Just the impact of her jumping from the top of the skyscraper to the ground (a common feat for Nobles and modified humans), created a shock wave that violently shook the ground, shattered skyscraper windows and caused debris to fall, and made a crater in the ground. Ignes was also able to destroy multiple skyscrapers with a casual punch. She has demonstrated that her level of power is far beyond the current generation of Nobles Clan Leaders.
  • Enhanced Regeneration: In Ignis's fight with Frankenstein after he chopped of her right arm, she implies her regeneration has been upgraded. Unfortunately this was nullified by Frankenstein's Dark Spear's power.

Scientific Expertise

She is a highly capable researcher and is said to have mastered all of the 9th Elder's knowledge. She conducts scientific experiments with her mentor on physical modifications. She's also responsible for making the 8th Elder with the help of the 9th Elder and Anti-Clan Leader Weapons.



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