Gotaru (Kor. 고타루) is a werewolf, who was a subordinate of Maduke.


Gotaru was a werewolf with light blue eyes and hair. He used to wear white robes.



Plot Overview

Volume 8

Gotaru is sent along with Uzhir and two other warriors to hunt down Kentas who escaped after destroying the labs. He and his crew members corner Kentas shortly after he parts ways with M-21. When Kentas tells them that dozens of werewolves were sacrificed in the labs, to his horror, Uzhir casually remarks that he had expected a higher death toll. Kentas attacks them on learning that they had recently dispatched henchmen to gather more subjects. Uzhir confesses that he wanted to fight Kentas for a long time because of his sanctimonious ideals about the pride of their clan and fights him. Kentas is at a disadvantage because his body is far from its normal state. However, Gayare interferes and seeks Uzhir's permission to battle Kentas.
Uzhir is watching Gayare and Kentas fight. After Gayare makes light work of Kentas, Uzhir wonders how it could end so quickly and thinks that maybe Kentas' body wasn't in it's normal state. Gotaru asks if that's the case, then why didn't he just run away instead of destroying the lab. After finding out from Gayare that the destroying of the lab won't save the weaker members of their species and that they've been ordered to gather more for experimentation, Kentas pushes Gayare back and Gotaru is surprised to see Kentas still had that much strength left.
As Kentas and Gayare continue their fight, Gotaru, Uzhir and the other warriors watch. Uzhir is impressed by Kentas' resilience, whereas Gotaru dismisses Kentas, since he's a complete wreck, however, Uzhir remarks that he'd like to see Kentas' power, when he's in his normal state. After, Gayare defeats Kentas Ignes arrives at the scene with a badly injured M-21. M-21 tries to wake Kentas up, by reminding him of his duties and the promise he made to the clan members. Gotaru asks what he's mumbling about while Ignes quickly brutalises him into silence. Kentas staggers forth to attack her with an energy beam, which she blocks. Much to the shock of the werewolves and Ignes, Kentas is back on his feet.
When Gayare accuses Kentas of defending a human over his clan, Kentas mocks them and denounces they're no longer fit to be called members of their clan. The surrounding warriors are amused, Gotaru questions what Kentas is saying, with one of them wondering if Kentas is in his right mind. Gayare releases his aura and transforms further, he launches an attack against Kentas, with the intention of killing him, regardless of Maduke's orders. Kentas blocks Gayare's attack. Gotaru is surprised and wonders how Kentas can still have so much strength left, going as far as blocking Gayare's attack with one arm, when his body isn't even in it's normal state. Kentas and Gayare continue their fight, matching each other blow for blow. Gotaru comments that he didn't know Kentas was that strong, and Kentas didn't even accept the new power.
Uzhir and Gotaru are watching the battle wear on between Kentas and Gayare. Uzhir remarks that Gayare is becoming increasingly flustered at the situation. Gotaru responds that it'd be even stranger if he were calm, and that he's flustered, just watching the battle and can't imagine what it must be like for Gayare. When Gayare stabs Kentas through the stomach, Uzhir believes the battle is over, ending in Gayare's favour. However, he and the other werewolves are shocked to see Kentas defeat Gayare. Gotaru wonders how it's possible for Gayare to lose, while Kentas stands before the spectators and asks whichever one of them is next, to step forward.
Kentas is exhausted and having fought Uzhir insists on continuing. Uzhir asks him if he's out of his mind. Kentas gets to his feet and replies that he doesn't think he can beat him, and that he's fighting to the end as a warrior for his people, who were betrayed by the Lord and the warriors they trusted to protect them. Gotaru shouts to Uzhir asking how long he's going to listen to Kentas spout such nonsense and if he doesn’t want to finish off Kentas, tell him and he'll do it. Before Uzhir can respond a voice asks them what's wrong, and whether it's hard for them to hear what Kentas is saying because they feel guilty. The warriors are left in shock as Muzaka and Rai make their appearance.


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Powers & Abilities


488 48 Gotaru Transforms Into Combat Mode

Physical Prowess



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