Gorma (Kor. 고르마) was a werewolf warrior who served Maduke. He was killed by Frankenstein, being consumed by Dark Spear.


Gorma was a burly indigo coloured werewolf with metal hinges on either sides of his face and nose. 

Personality Edit

Like most werewolf warriors, Gorma was extremely arrogant. He looked down on Frankenstein even though Lunark had reported that the strongest human was indeed formidable. He lacked control over his emotions and was susceptible to provocation.

Background Edit

Gorma was a member of one of the teams dispatched by Maduke to intercept Muzaka and Lunark but were stalled by Frankenstein who had come to rescue M-21.

Plot OverviewEdit

Volume 8Edit

Initially, Gorma is reluctant to face Frankenstein, but after learning that he is the human who had earned acknowledgement of his clan, he enthusiastically volunteers. He pays dearly for underestimating his opponent who was holding back his power. His companions decide to let Krano take over the fight. Gorma rejects help and continues to fight. He falls for Frankenstein's provocation and losses his composure. As a result, he is overpowerd. Krano intervenes and prevents Frankentein from killing Gorma. Gorma continues to seethe and look for an opportunity to avenge his humiliation. Frankenstein creates an opening to lure Gorma and impales him with Dark Spear when he falls for the trap. The cursed weapon consumes him shortly thereafter.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Gorma is a powerful werewolf, being a warrior of his kind.


Like all werewolves, Gorma can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form.



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