Gejutel K. Landegre (Kor. 게슈텔 K. 란데그르) is a Noble and the previous leader of the Landegre Clan, having served both the present Lord and her father before her. He is the grandfather of Regis and a guardian to Seira. He is called Gaju-Nim by Regis and Seira.


Gejutel has red eyes, characteristic of a noble, as well as white hair. It has been revealed that he is Regis' grandfather. Gejutel and Regis have white hair and similar black lines going back into the hair at the temples. Both also have slicked back hair. He appears to be an older Noble, made obvious by the wrinkles on his face, but he has a muscular physique and it expanded when he uses his soul weapon. Like all Nobles, he is dressed sharply. He is seen using a walking stick and wearing a monocle.


Gejutel is known to be short-tempered. He tends to judge before analyzing the situation, and has a "fastidiousness," according to Frankenstein. However, his understanding and compassion is shown when he says goodbye to Regis and Seira, and then lies to the Lord about Rai and Frankenstein's presence. Regis aspires to be just like him when he grows up.

He is known to have a tense relationship with Frankenstein. After Rai had disappeared (entered hibernation), Frankenstein went back into hiding, and talked to Gejutel about his intention prior to leaving which indicates the trust he had in Gejutel.


Gejutel K. Landegre was the Clan Leader of the Landegre Clan since the time of the Previous Lord. He was one of the two most loyal clan leaders to the then Lord who entrusted many of his personal intentions to him. His son, Rousare succeeded him but due to his death, Gejutel had to take over the duty of a clan leader again as Regis was too young.

Gejutel and Ragar were sent to capture Frankenstein in which they had failed. After Rai's disappearance, Frankenstein met with Gejutel to convey his intentions before leaving. When the previous Lord decided to enter eternal sleep, he asked Gejutel to stay and guide the new noble generation; the incident was later passed on as Gejutel being acquitted of entering eternal sleep with the other clan leaders - a misunderstanding which was cleared after the clash of the Noblesse and the Lord.

Plot Overview

Volume 3

Noble Arc

Gejutel K. Landegre
Gejutel appears shortly after the two remaining members of DA-5 are placed under Rai's protection and join the Ye Ran Special Security. He was sent by the Lord to investigate Seira's report regarding appearance of nobles where they are staying.
When he arrives at the school, he is surprised to see modified humans there. Regis and Seira arrives to greet and escort him home. There Gejutel is further surprised to learn that the homeowner and chairman of the school is actually Frankenstein. At first he thunders on Frankenstein but later succumbs to silence upon seeing Rai.
The three of them settle in a conversion. Gejutel relates to Rai and Frankenstein about the grave events that has occurred in Lukedonia during their absence: their previous Lord entering eternal sleep, his daughter succeeding him, the betrayal of some clan leaders and the massacre on Loyard and Landegre clan that was caused by modified humans. He also passes the message that their previous Lord had wanted to see Rai one last time before entering eternal sleep.
Gejutel finds the presence of modified humans in the house very disturbing, charging them to be power-hungry people who forsook humanity. But Regis stands up for them and convinces his grandfather of their real nature.
During his short stay, Gejutel pays another visit to Ye Ran High School and checks the class that Rai, Regis and Seira attend. He finds their homeroom teacher rather intimidating and even calls him a 'killing machine', much to everyone's amusement! But he settles in believing that Franknestein won't be indulged in anything harmful where his master is involved. Before leaving, Gejutel tells Seira and Regis not to trust Frankestein, but they are allowed to trust Rai.
Upon his return to Lukedonia, Gejutel reports to the Lord that Seira has mistaken strong humans for nobles (as Rai is reluctant to appear in Lukedonia). But the Lord is suspicious and orders Rajak to look into it (Rael goes in his stead).

Lukedonia Arc

Gejutel has lied to the Lord to keep Rai and Frankenstein's identity hidden. However, Rael lets it out that he has confronted unknown people with power. Gejutel is then accused of treachery by the Lord for choosing to remain silent in front of her. He is then sent to imprisonment while Rai and others are on their way to Lukedonia.
The intruders' presence is affirmed because of the reappearance of the mansion in the Forbidden Region. Consequently the Lord sentences Gejutel to a forced eternal sleep after stripping him of his title. Despite this, he still receives the utmost respect from all the clan leaders, even Rajak, though he doesn't show it much.

Identity Arc

Gejutel is taken inside the shrine of the Previous Lord for his execution. After much resistance, Gejutel tells the Lord that it is Rai who has returned. Gejutel also reveals the true identities of Frankenstein, who is apparently a human and Rai, who is the True Noblesse. However, his execution is interrupted by the arrival of Rai.
After the clash of the noble hierarchy, all misunderstandings are cleared. The imprint of the Previous Lord clears why he had asked Gejutel to remain and guide them. The Lord requests Gejutel for guidance and Gejutel once again swears to serve The Lord.
Later he visits Rai's Mansion and shares a flashback with Frankenstein. He is held responsible by Frankenstein as the reason that led Rai back to Lukedonia and forced him to use such a tremendous amount of power.

Gejutel is shown during intervals, carrying out his responsibility of guiding the Lord with his advice. He also ascertains to her the fact that Raizel's life force is drained everytime he uses his powers.

Volume 6

Gejutel accompanies the Lord as she decides to visit the human world and arrives just on time to save the security trio from a lethal attack of Kentas. He avoids entering a head-on clash with Kentas and outmatches the werewolf in dialogue. When Kentas takes his leave, he assures the trio who are worried about Karias that the clan leader is safe as their Lord is also here. As a proof of his words, the Lord arrives with Karias following and all of them start towards the house.
Gejutel remains with Frankenstein, Regis and Seira in the living room while the Lord meets up with Rai in the basement lab. Gejutel has to put up with Frankenstein's inquiry but a sudden aura of power draws their attention to the fact that Ragnarok has been summoned. The household immediately rush to the lab and find Rai being stabbed with Ragnarok by the Lord. While the shock petrifies everyone, Frankenstein goes berserk. Gejutel tries to pacify Frankenstein who has already gathered an energy sphere in his palm and aims it at Gejutel, telling him to get lost. But Gejutel tells him to stop or risk harming Raizel, which immediately stops Frankenstein. Gejutel reveals that this was done not to harm Raizel but actually to replenish his life-force. Gejutel confirms Frankenstein's inquiry that the Ragnarok they're seeing is the one which the previous Lord had left in the Noblesse's Mansion. He elaborates that the Lord decided against combining the two Ragnaroks together suspecting there could have been another reason why the previous Lord decided to leave the stronger Ragnarok in Rai's mansion, which may have been for Rai to use the Ragnarok to recharge his life force. However, Frankenstein assumes it was only a chance and Gejutel confirms that it was a gamble, which isn't all good as the Lord can never fully awaken her powers without merging the two Ragnaroks. The gamble pays off and Rai emerges revived.
Gejutel, along with the household witness a debate between Rai and Raskreia regarding the latter's decision to sacrifice her awakening to revive Rai. However, the discourse is cut short by a sudden cameo appearance of the previous Lord. Both Frankenstein and Gejutel are unable to react as the previous Lord waves at them in joy. Later, everyone stands audience to the previous Lord's explanation of his plan to use Ragnarok's power to replenish Rai's life force, the execution of which, the choice of his daughter has enabled. The imprint's elaborate narration and behavior causes confusion which is cleared by a trick from Karias. The imprint reacts and has to admit that he was not just an imprint but a part of the previous Lord's soul. He tells all nobles should listen to Gejutel and turns to address Raizel. Gejutel and the others then witness the final farewell of the father and daughter.
Afterwards, Gejutel and the others have to wait on the noble hierarchy (Rai and Raskreia) to finish their breakfast. However, their wait for noodle-inflation continues on until they hear the doorbell ring. Rai immediately excuses himself from the table and is followed by the trio. Gejutel explains to his Lord that Raizel is going to school. As Raskreia dispatches Seira and Regis so that they can go too, the remaining doomed Noble trio: Gejutel, Rajak and Rael can do nothing but stand like statues, waiting for their Lord to finish the meal which she hasn't even started yet.

Volume 7

Gejutel appears in the flashback of the previous Lord's audience with the then werewolf Lord, Muzaka.
Ch333 gejutel destroying franken kitchen

Gejutel destroying 'Frankenstein's kitchen'.

At present time, Gejutel alone, remains to accompany the Lord in the residence. He offers to brew her a cup of tea and visits the kitchen. However, the kitchen appliances get the better of him and Gejutel ends up fighting 'his enemies', i.e. destroying the kitchen[1]. Afterwards, as he stands amidst the destroyed kitchen of Frankenstein, he realizes the grave mistake he has made. Seeing Rael nearby, he orders him to immediately clean up the place so that it's owner, Frankenstein, may not become berserk and evacuates the scenario himself as soon as possible. Gejutel then confronts Raskreia who has been awaiting the arrival of tea. He suggests visiting Ye Ran where Rai and the other nobles go to study. The Lord gives her consent and they set off after Gejutel has advised her to change into human attire (school uniform) which she does instantly.
Gejutel escorts Raskreia to school[2] where their presence is noticed by Frankenstein. They enter the classroom and position themselves with the gloomy figure of Gejutel standing tall behind his Lord, and Seira and Regis by her sides. Gejutel tells Mr. Park to teach without minding their presence which the teacher has a hard time doing. During break, the children turn to Raskreia and ask her name at which Gejutel rebukes them daring to ask for her name. However, Gejutel is surprised when their Lord stops him and tells her full name. He is even more surprised when the Lord smiles, having found the children quite interesting. A sudden announcement by 'the Principal himself' catches everyone's attention as Regis' Grandpa is asked to visit the Principal's office immediately. Gejutel excuses himself from the Lord and leaves to meet the dreaded Frankenstein.
At the Principal's office, Gejutel and Frankenstein stare at each other, with Gejutel perspirating more and more in fear as time passes. Frankenstein demands the explanation for the hassle the clan leader has created at the classroom but Gejutel tells him that his actions are being misunderstood. Withstanding Frankenstein's deadly glare, Gejutel slowly elaborates that he just wanted to show the school to his Lord and also points that Frankenstein isn't the only one who wants his master to experience a normal life... even for one day. Gejutel's answer and apology manage to touch Frankenstein emotionally. So, the clan leader is let off with only a warning that he should better inform earlier in case of visiting again. Gejutel smiles and promises to do so.
Afterwards, both Gejutel and Frankenstein stalk their masters as they visit the PC bang with the children and then leave to haunt the rooftops of tall buildings. They standby hiding as Raskreia tells Raizel that this human world is where his life truly belongs[3]. After that, Raskreia calls for Gejutel, who along with Frankenstein, is shocked as they thought that their stalking was perfect yet they were discovered so easily. Gejutel approaches his Lord and offers explanation for their conduct but Raskreia cuts him off mid-sentence, announcing that they are returning to Lukedonia. Gejutel obeys the Lord and the two Nobles start for their land, as Rai watches on from the building.
Gejutel is in Lukedonia while the werewolves, Grui and Gaitan attack the city to assassinate Muzaka. During the battle between Grui and Rael, Regis intervenes but gets beaten up easily. Watching Rael being plummeted while he himself lies defeated, Regis' earnest desire to get the power to protect his comrade reaches the noble souls of the Landegre Clan. In Lukedonia, Gejutel feels that Legasus is reacting and realizes that Regis is the one calling for the Soul Weapon. Gejutel acknowledges the fact that the Soul Weapon is reacting to Regis who is not even a Clan Leader because of his strong will - an action which none could have undertaken. So, with a satisfied smile, Gejutel decides to hand over the Soul Weapon to his heir[4].
With the soul weapon of the clan being passed on, Gejutel requests the Lord to formally appoint Regis as the clan leader. The Lord accedes and Rajak is sent to deliver the message to Regis on his visit to the human world. The message is never delivered as Rajak is killed midway by the traitor nobles.
Gejutel retires to his mansion and falls victim to a sudden attack from Lagus Tradio. He is then dragged along to the fights of the traitors and has to witness as the young clan leaders struggle against the enemies. Gejutel masters a bit of strength to create a chance for Rozaria to escape but that ends in vain. The clan leaders are cornered by the traitors. The Lord's appearance saves them temporarily. As the Lord takes on the fight herself, Gejutel and other clan leaders blame themselves for being unable to protect the Lord and ending up as burden instead.
The sudden arrival of Frankenstein, sends everyone in a stupor except Gejutel. He is relieved and acknowledges that he has never been happier to see the 'crazy kid' so out of his mind.[5]


  • Regis K. Landegre: Gejutel maintains a reserved and strict demeanor in front of Regis but in reality, he is a doting grandfather. He loves to watch over the growth and accomplishments of his only grandchild. He believes in Regis' capability and sense of judgement. That is why, when the soul weapon reacts to Regis' earnestness, Gejutel does not hesitate to hand it over. Despite Regis being underage, he petitions to the Lord to appoint the young noble as new clan leader.
  • The Previous Lord: Gejutel harbors his utmost respect and loyalty to the Previous Lord. He executed the Previous Lord's orders to the extent that he even had to suffer accusation for treachery (he didn't enter eternal sleep as per ordered). However, Gejutel never hesitated to rebuke his Lord for his eccentric behavior.
  • The Lord: Gejutel respects the Lord but does not hesitate to point out her deficiencies. He was initially held in suspicion by the new Lord. He had to face the charge of treason due to association with the Noblesse but his reputation is restored after the misunderstanding is cleared. With the revelation of the previous Lord's intention that has been given the responsibility to remain and guide the new generation of nobles, especially the noble Lord, Raskreia accepts his guidance. From then on, Gejutel aids her with advice. He also looks after her well-being, hoping to give her a normal, happy life even if for one day.
  • Cadis Etrama di Raizel: Gejutel holds the Noblesse in high esteem and regards his actions and judgement as perfection.
  • Ragar Kertia:
  • Seira J. Loyard: Seira is like a granddaughter to Gejutel. He took her in his care after she lost her entire family. He acknowledges her integrity.

  • Frankenstein: Gejutel has an awkward relationship with Frankenstein. He dislikes the haughtiness of the human but at the same time, harbors high respect for him and his abilities which is clear from his own declaration: "He who is human, yet has power rivaling that of a clan leader; he who is the sole human the Lord chose to acknowledge - Frankenstein. It is he who deserves that level of regard."[6] Gejutel has fallen victim to Frankenstein's trickery plenty of times. Nevertheless, he finds the 'crazy kid' and his unusual way of doing things quite refreshing. Sometimes, he also fears the berserk Frankenstein; e.g. when he quickly evacuates the scene having accidentally messed up Frankenstein's kitchen.[7]

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

Powers & Abilities

He has displayed a radiation of his power when he got angry at Regis for treating the modified humans as friends, without understanding the situation. He has only been shown using his Soul Weapon Legasus once. Although he has not been shown in any current battles, he implied that although it would not be easy, he would have been able to kill Frankenstein a long time ago. A powerful Werewolf Warrior like Kentas wishes to fight him but regrets that he does not have the time, signifying that Gejutel is known by Werewolves as a powerful Noble.

Soul Weapon

Legasus: Gejutel's Soul weapon is Legasus. Its a huge, black lance. After releasing his soul weapon, his physical and spiritual abilities are increased dramatically. He relinquishes its ownership when it started reacting to Regis' will.
  • Knight: In the battle against Frankenstein, he is shown to be able to summon a pair of knight boots that aid in his movement and increase damage of the Legasus. After he has summoned knight boots, he dashes to his enemy while his whole body is covered by blood red energy.

Physical Prowess

As a Noble Clan Leader for long years, he possesses immense physical power. He is probably the strongest Noble (with the exception of the Noblesse, the Lord, and Kei Ru . In the battle against Frankenstein, he is shown to be capable of exerting large amounts of power and manages to hit Frankenstein with enough power to snap him out of the control of Dark Spear.



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