Gayare (Kor. 가야르) was a werewolf warrior who served under Maduke.


Gayare was a stern-looking werewolf with black hair and an imposing frame. His eyes were entirely white, devoid of irises. He had a thin mustache and a strip of beard. Gayare wore a white turtleneck tunic, fitting trousers and high boots. He fastened his bandana with grey clips.


Gayare prided himself for being a warrior and had unwavering faith in Maduke, even though the latter used his own race members as experiment specimens. Ironically, Gayare detested humans for being greedy and destructive. He looked down to M-21 during their battle and paid for his complacency. He seems to harbor resentment towards Kentas when he managed to get stronger without modification while he had to resort to being modified as his potential had reached its limit.

Plot Overview

Volume 8

Gayare accompanies Juraki to South Korea secretly following Kentas. They observe that Kentas has been aimlessly roaming around with a modified human. After a couple of days of observation, Juraki decides to take action and Gayare follows him. They appear in front of Kentas and M-21. Gayare is ordered to finish off the modified human: M-21. A battle follows where Gayare is temporarily overpowered because he let his guard down, having underestimated M-21. He becomes flustered again and again as M-21 gradually reveals his powers. After his opponent thrashes him and almost flees (but for the intervention of Urne and Mirai), Gayare starts to take the battle seriously and transforms into his werewolf form to get rid of M-21. Urne and Mirai assist by creating a barrier so that humans in the vicinity do not get involved. Gayare is about to finish off M-21 when Juraki spares his life as he decides to take the modified human captive with them out of curiosity.

Gayare leads Kentas away

Kentas is handcuffed and brought before Maduke. After being branded a traitor, Kentas feigns anger and accuses Lunark of spying on him to ensure that no one suspects her of being an accomplice. Gayare punches Kentas and brings him to his knees and drags him away. Kentas and M-21 are handed over to Ignes Kravei as experiment specimens. Gayare and Juraki visit Kentas shortly thereafter and justify the physical modification experimentation carried out by their clan. Gayare criticises Kentas for his alleged betrayal. He finds it hypocritical that Kentas always claimed to uphold his pride as a warrior but refused to accept the new power. M-21 wakes up and mocks them by drawing parallels between them and the humans they so despise. Gayare losses his temper and starts hitting M-21 till Ignes arrives and tells him to back off. He is indignant at being ordered by a noble but withdraws when she reveals that Maduke has sent for him and Juraki.
A few days later, the warriors convene again in the throne room. Dorant informs their Lord that Lunark has disappeared. Gayare volunteers to bring her back but Maduke tells them that she will return on her own accord, along with Muzaka. Later, Gayare is seen following Ignes, expressing his distaste at being tasked with gathering more test subjects for her. They are alarmed to find out that their prisoners have escaped. Gayare leaves the lab in haste.
Gayare interrupts the fight between Kentas and Uzhir. He obtains Uzhir's permission to fight Kentas ans a long drawn battle commences. Gayare remembers that Kentas had rejected the physical modification technology in favour of surpassing his limits through extensive training, something Gayare could not achieve, and decides to use his new powers. Kentas is in no condition to face the attack and eventually collapses.
The fight is interrupted by the arrival of Ignes Kravei and her prisoner, M-21. M-21 questions Kentas for being unable to take down even one of his enemies as Ignes tortures him. He screams at Kentas to wake up and fulfill his vow to avenge the werewolves who were sacrificed as experiment specimens. Ignes steps on his head, knocking him out and states that she will make him mute at the lab. Kentas staggers forth to attack her with an energy beam. She blocks the attack and rambles on her hypothesis. This irritates Gayare and leads to a brief altercation between the them. However, Uzhir convinces the noble to leave so that they can settle their affairs as warriors. Kentas protests in vain. Gayare is amused by Kentas' concern for a human and expresses disappointment. Kentas retorts that he is not in a position to look down to humans. He notes that M-21 had the compassion to grieve for a different species and goes on to clarify that Gayare and the rest are no longer part of the clan.
Gayare is infuriated by the allegation. He disregards his Lords' orders to bring back Kentas alive so that he can serve as an experiment subject and summons the full extent of the powers he gained through the physical modification technology to finish him off, then and there. Kentas is disgusted by the sight of the power that was realised at the cost of those he was sworn to protect and resolves that he cannot lose to it.Gayare assumes that it is a temporary struggle but is proven wrong as Kentas continues to retaliate.
Gayare is unnerved that Kentas can withstand his attacks in his ravaged state and more so by the fact that he is unable to win even after using the new power. Kentas declares that they are no longer warriors, and their choices are past a mere difference of opinion. Gayare tries to kill Kentas with a massive slash and stabs him with his hand. The remaining warriors conclude this as the traitor's end. However, Kentas grabs hold of Gayare's hand and musters all the power he can. He tells Gayare to beg for forgiveness from the werewolves who lost their lives to his greed in the afterlife and delivers a massive blast of energy. Gayare losses his left arm along with a portion of his chest, and the palm of right hand. He falls to the ground in disbelief at his defeat and dies.

Powers & Abilities

Gayare was a powerful warrior of his kind. He accepted physical modifications after feeling that he couldn't get any stronger with his own strength. He easily defeats M-21, and was capable of overwhelming Kentas in their battle (though Kentas was weakened due to being experimented on by Ignes Kravei).



Gayare's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Gayare can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. After undergoing physical modification, his physical abilities are further enhanced. He also seems to have acquired exhaust-like protrusions on his torso and arms.

Physical Prowess

Gayare possesses incredible physical strength, speed, durability, and regeneration abilities. His physical abilities increase dramatically after receiving physical enhancements.

Aura Manipulation

As a warrior, Gayare possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura) that is equal to clan leaders. He is very skilled at manipulating his own aura, shown when he fires at very powerful beam of his aura at M-21.



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