Gaura (Kor. 가우라) was a female werewolf warrior.


Gaura was a bespectacled lady with long, red hair.

Personality Edit

Gaura seemed like a stern and irascible person. She was quick to get annoyed when the Rai and Raskreia ignore them. However, she shows deference for Zaiga and calms down at his order. She shows a more arrogant demeanor in her fight with Rozaria.

Background Edit

Gaura was a member of Zaiga's crew and fought Rozaria Elenor during the nobles' attack on the werewolves.

Plot OverviewEdit

Volume 8Edit

Gaura and an unnamed male werewolf are led by Zaiga to capture Muzaka at Maduke's orders but ambush Rai instead. Raskeria and Kei arrive at the spot shortly thereafter, and the former asks Rai to leave and allow them to deal with the werewolves. Gaura and her companion try to stall Rai but retract after Zaiga orders them. Zaiga starts threatening Raskreia about the consequences of her actions. Suddenly, there is a deafening explosion in the backdrop. Gaura is horrified since it was in the direction of their Lord's castle. Zaiga identifies the culprit as the Elenor clan leader and sends Gaura to kill her in the most painful way possible.
Gaura finds Rozaria and attacks her. She mocks her for hiding like a rat. In turn, Rozaria jokes that she was tired of waiting and asks her if she saw the castle getting destroyed. In the battle that follows, Gaura remains on the offensive and finds Rozaria lacking in terms of power and speed. She accuses the nobles of being predictably arrogant for destroying the castle and tells her that she will make her pay for it. However, she walks into a trap Rozaria had set earlier and is killed when Rozaria uses Divine Judgement.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Gaura is a powerful werewolf, being a warrior of her kind.


Gaura 443(3)

Gaura's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Gaura can transform her body into a more wolf-like form.

Physical ProwessEdit

Gaura has great physical strength: She sends Rozaria flying back with a single punch. She proves to be faster than Rozaria and dodges her attacks.

Aura ManipulationEdit

Gaura is very skilled at manipulating her aura. She can create small aura spheres around her back and fire them at her opponents. She lets out a flow of energy which is powerful enough to subdue Rozaria.



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