After Frankenstein had started to live with Rai in his mansion in Lukedonia, Urokai used to seek an opportunity to fight him. Their first encounter remained unsettled as both the previous Lord and Rai interfered. Centuries after they had their first encounter, Urokai as an Elder, meets Frankenstein once again as he follows the 5th, 7th & 8th elders who visit South Korea to declare war.

First EncounterEdit


When Frankenstein was staying in Lukedonia, he used to spar with Ragar Kertia and Gejutel K. Landegre to improve his ability to fight and to control the Dark Spear. One day, Gejutel declines from a scheduled fight with Frankenstein as he has a task to do for the Lord and postpones the battle for another day, promising to make a slot available as soon as possible. Frankenstein is disappointed but then Lagus Tradio, Roctis Kravei, Urokai Agvain and Zarga Siriana approach them. Lagus greets them and asks about their training. When he learns about the postponed fight, Urokai suggests that Frankenstein could fight him instead. Gejutel sees no problem in this and encourages Frankenstein to fight since Urokai's soul weapon is similar to his own.

Battle SummaryEdit

As the duelers face each other, the spectator gallery of four clan leaders is joined by Ragar who has heard about the fight and explains that he could not miss such an interesting event. Urokai asks Frankenstein why he isn't attacking, expecting that Frankenstein would make the first move. The other clan leaders also get curious about his immobility. Frankenstein answers that if Urokai is tired of waiting, then he should attack first, and further provokes him by saying that waiting is not Urokai's style. Urokai gets infuriated by this and attacks first. The battle commences and the two hold out against each other.

Urokai apparently enjoys the fight and even comments that Frankenstein is pretty good. The other clan leaders are also impressed by the amount of skill that Frankenstein shows while fighting against Urokai but Gejutel and Ragar think that something is odd. Frankenstein has suffered several injuries while Urokai was unharmed, although the former had significantly improved his fighting skills after practicing with Ragar and Gejutel. Urokai then tells Frankenstein that his level is far below that of a clan leader's and he should use his weapon. Frankenstein asks Urokai to take out his soul weapon as well if he does so, reasoning that humans also have pride. Amused by this remark, Urokai takes out his soul weapon, Dragus, and tells Frankenstein that it's his turn to summon his weapon. Frankenstein calls for his Dark Spear. All the clan leaders are extremely surprised to see the weapon which is very like a soul weapon but also astonished that the aura it radiates is very vile and wild.

The battle continues with the combatants handling their weapons, but it troubles Roctis as Urokai seems overly excited with the fight. Urokai continues to attack in frenzy and Frankenstein remains on the defense. Frankenstein suggests to Urokai his idea that the clan leader has another reason for hating him other than his past misdeeds. Outraged by this suggestion, Urokai declares to kill Frankenstein while the clan leaders think about the consequent trouble that this brings. Frankenstein meets Urokai's attack head on and causes a large impact.

Rain starts to pour, and a drenched Urokai holds his bloody face, his hand covering his left eye. Frankenstein comments that he was aiming deeper. The other clan leaders are shocked to find this scene, puzzled as to what happened. Gejutel eventually understands the situation and explains it aloud with the help of Ragar. Frankenstein held back his power throughout the fight to make Urokai underestimate him. All his moves were calculated so that he can save enough power to make a crushing final attack. Ragar admits that if everything went well, Urokai wouldn't get away with just losing an eye. Holding back his power while fighting a clan leader seems ridiculous to Lagus but Ragar makes it clear that it was all Frankenstein did everything in his power but it was a strategy in order for him to win. Lagus says that it is possible but no one would consider such a dangerous course of action. Ragar interposes that this is why Frankenstein deserves their acknowledgement. Gejutel tells Urokai that the battle took long enough and it should stop here and Ragar agrees. Urokai argues with Ragar about continuing but Ragar points out his mistakes that led to his current condition. Urokai agrees in the end that he’ll stop as suggested but then shows Frankenstein a necklace he had received from Lagus earlier. The necklace belongs to Frankenstein’s student and it effectively enrages Frankenstein, thinking that his student was killed.

The Dark Spear consumes Frankenstein completely and raises his power, enough to make the Lord and the Noblesse notice it. Urokai grins at this while the berserk Frankenstein attacks. Urokai blocks the attack and tells Frankenstein that he deserves to be devoured because of his greed for power. Gejutel and Ragar want to intervene but Urokai stops them from interfering. Lagus and Roctis give support to Urokai. They argue against Frankenstein and the fight continues. Urokai and Frankenstein leap toward each other to finish their opponent and the impact causes them to be covered in smoke. When the smoke clears, the clan leaders are surprised by what is revealed.


The battle in Lukedonia ended when the Lord and the Noblesse are both revealed, standing back to back in the middle of the fighting area. The Lord speaks up saying that the clan leaders were making such a big ruckus that even Raizel found it noisy and decided to leave his house. The Lord notices Urokai's eye and Frankenstein's new form. Frankenstein sends an attack aimed towards the Lord and his master and the clan leaders block the attack. Urokai starts to attack again but the Lord asks him to stand back. Roctis apologizes for the commotion and states that they will deal with Frankenstein. The Lord says that there's no need to step into the fight, and points out that if the clan leaders did not want him stepping in, then they should have prevented the fight from arriving at its current situation. Then Raizel steps in to face the berserk Frankenstein and a short duel follows.

Second EncounterEdit


The interruption of the Lord and the Noblesse only postponed Frankenstein and Urokai's fight but it continues on, hundreds of years later, when Urokai intervenes on Frankenstein's battle against the 5th Elder of the Union and reveals himself as its 6th Elder.

Battle SummaryEdit

Urokai asks the 5th Elder's permission to let Frankenstein fight him but the 5th Elder rebuffs him as she claims Frankenstein as her opponent and says that it is shameful for an uninjured man to face an injured one. Frankenstein declares to kill them both and lets his own weapon fully consume him to boost his power. Frankenstein goes berserk and takes on all the elders. After finishing the 8th Elder, He immediately proceeds to attack the remaining ones.

Frankenstein attacks Urokai while Zarga attacks him from behind. This leads Rajak to enter the battle and face Zarga. Frankenstein continues attacking Urokai and the clan leader takes out his soul weapon to defend himself while he declares that he has not forgotten the incident that took his left eye. Urokai continues to engage in an exchange of attacks with Frankenstein until the 5th Elder reprimands him for taking her opponent. Urokai steps back for a while to let the 5th Elder fight but when the opportunity presented itself, he throws his soul weapon which successfully impales Frankenstein.

Frankenstein returns to his senses, thinking about how lucky he is that Urokai impales him just before the Dark Spear devours him completely. Urokai takes back his soul weapon after claiming that he learned that skill (throwing the weapon) from Frankenstein. The 5th Elder rebukes the 6th Elder's attack but lets him continue on as she has lost her interest in the battle. At this instant, Frankenstein slashes Urokai's chest with the Dark Spear and their clash continues. Slowly, Urokai gains the upper hand and continues attacking Frankenstein until Seira steps in to defend her mentor.


Rajak goes to Seira's side, both aiming to block Urokai's attacks from reaching Frankenstein. Urokai is bewildered to see clan leaders helping each other and directs a large attack to them. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel steps in once more to stop the fight and faces Zarga Siriana and Urokai Agvain in a fight to sentence them.

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First Encounter

Second Encounter

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