Frankenstein arrives after Juraki deafeats Lunark.


Frankenstein ignores the werewolf and interrogates the RK for leaving the school unguarded. He then turns his attention to M-21 and Lunark. Mirai, annoyed from being ignored by Frankenstein and his mocking, loses the little temper she has and charges blindly at him.

Battle SummaryEdit

Frankenstein blocks Mirai's punch with one hand and cautions her against underestimating him. She acknowledges that he possesses some power but warns him that he cannot do much as he is alone. Frankenstein corrects her as the nobles land on a nearby hillock. Juraki and Mirai are alarmed when Seira and Regis greet their Lord. Juraki notes that Rai's aura rivals that of a Lord. He tells Mirai that they should retreat. Mirai finds it against her ideals as a warrior and reminds him of Urne. Frankenstein mocks her further by remarking that she must have no conscience for sacrificing her own people and is merely seeking revenge. Once again, Urne charges at him head-on. Frankenstein retaliates with several Dark Aura tentacles that pierce her body. He turns to Lunark and tells her that he will fight for her just this once.

Mirai struggles with the fact that her wounds are fresh and painful.Tao and Takeo are of the opinion that Frankenstein just wants to fight for fun. After being taunted again, Mirai angrily swings her arm to release a massive slash. Frankenstein draws out Dark Spear to dispel it. Mirai lets out an energy imbued punch but Frankenstein dodges and strikes her from behind. She skids backs and shoots an energy beam. Frankenstein successfully counters it with a wave of Dark energy. Mirai is compelled to jump in order to avoid the attack but is pursued by several Dark energy spearheads. She is unhurt but angrier than ever. She charges down to punch Frankenstein but he escapes and counter attacks with Dark Spear. Mirai crashes into a boulder.

Frankenstein expresses his disappointment and tells her to try harder. Mirai lets out a powerful energy beam but Frankenstein outmatches it and concludes the battle


Frankenstein closes in to deliver the killing blow but Juraki rushes in and saves her. They find their Lord, who is enjoying the battle between Muzaka and Garda.

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