This battle takes place when Frankenstein and Rai come to the rescue of M-21.


After Mary and Jake abduct the children with the intention of calling out Frankenstein, he and his master (Rai) go to the rescue. Rai wishes to save the children and takes M-21 with him to guide the way. Mary tries to attack them to prevent their proceeding but is blocked by Frankenstein, Their battle begins.

Battle SummaryEdit

Mary keeps attacking but Frankenstein easily dodges her attacks. When he finally attacks, her arm is left injured. Mary admits that Frankenstein is strong and decides to transform claiming that it will different from now on.

Her word is held true and Mary starts to overpower Frankenstein after full-transformation. Elsewhere, Rai gets upset seeing the children hurt and gives Frankenstein a telepathic order to break the seal restricting his power and eliminate the enemy in front of him.

On receiving command from his master, Frankenstein removes the seal. His dark aura leaves Mary completely scared and the wounds given by Frankenstein start to hurt even more. Frankenstein mocks her on the poor level of regeneration as her wounds haven't healed yet. He mentions that reason the wounds he inflicts don't heal properly is because everything in terms of human modification work had started from him. After regaining full composure from the excitement of releasing his powers, he realizes he may have said to much. Frankenstein then forms spears using his dark power and pierces Mary, finally killing her.


Dr. Crombel feels the death of Mary and sends a backup team. Frankenstein leaves the scene so that he can reach to his master.

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