This battle takes place after Frankenstein shows himself to Mary and Jake while the two let the Infected hunt.


Frankenstein arrives after Mary knocks out policemen and Jake commands the Infected to deal with him. Frankenstein easily subdues the Infected and listens to Jake's rants. He uses a misunderstanding that Jake mentions to get more information about the recent incidents. Jake tries to start a fight but Frankenstein asks them to change their location and Mary agrees. Frankenstein then proposes that whoever loses should answer the questions of the winner. Jake becomes annoyed at this and Mary tells Jake to do what he wants with Frankenstein as long as Frankenstein is left alive.

Battle SummaryEdit

Jake charges first but Frankenstein easily dodges. Frankenstein dodges one more attack and then lands his own attack on Jake's chest, leaving multiple wounds. Frankenstein remarks that he has yet to hear an answer to his proposal. Jake agrees to the proposal after he admits to underestimating Frankenstein's power. Frankenstein notices a change in Jake's movements in the subsequent attacks but still dodges them. He sees the transformation in Jake's arms and Jake boasts about his power. Mary gets Jake back on track before he lets out more information. Jake attacks once again, saying that he will not miss again because of his enhanced power, but when smoke created from the impact clears, it is revealed that Frankenstein has escaped the attack.

This enrages Jake but before he could strike again, Frankenstein releases an attack which damages Jake's arms and leaves him unable to control his body. Mary throws an attack to stop Frankenstein from finishing Jake. Jake and Mary finally notice that the wounds inflicted on Jake have not recovered and decide to retreat.


Mary takes her leave along with Jake and the Infected. This incident catches the interest of Dr. Crombel and he orders Mary to find the unnamed blonde man.

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