Dr. Crombel and Frankenstein meet and fight on the rooftop of the ex-Union base.


Having initiated the destruction of the Union base in South Korea, Dr. Crombel leaves the city in his private helicopter but the M-21's arrival makes him change his plan and he comes back to capture him. His pilot notices someone standing on the rooftop of the base and Crombel assumes that he's the one responsible for Mary's death. He gets off the helicopter after introducing himself. Frankenstein refrains from introducing himself but Crombel tells him that he has a general idea of who he is, mistakenly calling him a Noble. He adds the idea of experimenting on Frankenstein to which Frankenstein asks him if he has what it takes.

Battle SummaryEdit

Dr. Crombel tells Frankenstein that he will know the answer to his question shortly as he jumps toward Frankenstein. Frankenstein also jumps toward Crombel and a huge explosion results from the clash of their similarly extensive aura. They land on the rooftop and suddenly feel a different aura from the battle underground. Crombel senses that the Infected has been killed and leaves.


Crombel senses the Infected's death and immediately concludes that Frankenstein has another ally besides M-21 thinking that the failed experiment would not be able to handle the enhanced strength of the Infected. He bids farewell for the moment and Frankenstein hurries back to his master.

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