DA - 5
The DA-5 is a special forces-team of the Union comprised of modified humans created by Dr. Aris. As such, they are under the command of the 12th Elder. Their missions typically involve eliminating any group that oppose the Union, and they do not like missions that require keeping a low profile, as they are not well suited to them. Unlike the Assassination Squad which works silently, the special forces team focuses on eliminating the enemy forces completely and very publicly in order to make an example, so that other agencies can see what happens to people who oppose the Union. The DA-5 no longer exists. Shark, Hammer, and Krantz are dead. Shark and Krantz were defeated by Rai while Hammer was defeated by Seira. Meanwhile, Tao and Takeo have joined the Noblesse and now live in Frankenstein's house, working for him as part of the Special Security team at his school, alongside M-21. Tao has since created a new team, called the RK - 4.


The DA-5 is a special forces team created by the Union scientist Dr. Aris as a copy of Cerberus. Before the DA-5 was destroyed, Dr. Aris revealed that they were created in order to one day have their powers and lives absorbed by her.



Powers & AbilitesEdit

The entire team is composed of modified humans, so they all possess enhanced physical capabilities. But unlike most modified humans, they instead specialize in the use of weapons, which they combine with their enhanced attributes for deadly effects. Their leader, Krantz was the only one who fought bare handed.

What made them unique among modified humans was their ability to consume D. These are pills which temporarily gives the DA-5 members an immense boost in power when consumed. Their base strength, speed and overall capabilities increased tremendously for a short period of time in exchange for using a bit of their life force(Though the members were unaware of this).

Plot OverviewEdit

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