Charles (Kor. 찰스) is the bodyguard of the celebrity Jung Hansu.


He was previously employed in the military. He used to fight in front line and is known to be very skilled. Hansu paid him a fortune to bring him from America.

Plot Overview

Charles comes along with Hansu while accompanying Suyi to school. There he engages himself in a heat face-to-face with M-21 after he hears sounds of commotion between Hansu and M-21. As M-21 bangs the car with his foot, Charles prepares to fight him but M-21 walks away, merely wishing to avoid further commotion.

Charles suddenly grabs the Janitor by his collar who tells them to park the car away from school grounds. Then M-21 re-engages Charles' attention by telling him to let go of the janitor. Charles stands stubborn and M-21 drags him down to the ground by his chain. His strength surprises Charles who thinks of using his gun if there were none around. But M-21 whispers a cold threat that he would have killed him, had it not been for the people around. At this, Charles gets terribly frightened and both he and Hansu leave.