Somewhere in a distant forest, Dr. Crombel gets off his helicopter and inspects the neck injury he acquired from his brief encounter with Frankenstein. He claims that the things are going to get interesting from now on and the pilots of the helicopter are dead.

Back at home, Frankenstein tells both M-21 and Rai what happened on the roof of the building. He tells them that Crombel was not an easy opponent to fight against, much to the shock of M-21. Frankenstein adds that Crombel was far stronger than both Jake and Mary and wonders what could his reasons be for hiding his strength. He then tells M-21 that if he has nothing to do, he should stay with them. M-21 concludes that they can't let him go because he knows too much about them and will probably finish him off later some time, only to see a surprised look on Rai and Frankenstein's face. Frankenstein tells him that he can stay and leave whenever he wants, much to M-21's surprise.

M-21 questions Frankenstein that how can they trust him, to which Frankenstein replies that he never said he trusted him in the first place and the only important thing was Rai's decision. He tells M-21 that he should help him by working at the school as a security guard . Suddenly, Frankenstein's cellphone rings. He answers the calls and hands the phone to Rai, tells his master that its Shinwoo calling. Rai takes the cellphone to attend to the call, but holds it upside down. He then stands up to leave, making Frankenstein question what happened. Rai claims that Shinwoo wants to meet him as the boy is bored.

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