Shinwoo starts bleeding due to the injury given by Jake. Jake claims that he is bored and decides to kill one of Shinwoo's friends (either Ikhan or Yuna). M-21 stops Jake and tells him to not do something unnecessary like killing the children until the last student arrives because in case no one comes, everything would be a waste. Jake tries to argue but Mary orders him to stop and asks M-21 to come with her outside to wait for Rai to arrive.

After Mary leaves, M-24 tries to stop Jake from attacking children, but Jake asks Mary through their communication device if he can fight with them without killing them, only to get no response. Jake claims that he is very annoyed when they were looking for children and announces that he will not kill them easily. Shinwoo tries to stand up but is easily beaten by Jake in one hit. He just stands up again. Jake wonders if it is because he is holding back his strength and continues beating the boy. Shinwoo tries to stop Jake from attacking Ikhan and Yuna saying that he will never let him hurt his friends but Jake breaks him arm. Seeing the situation upsets M-24 and he punches Jake into the wall, destroying the wall in the process.

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