Mirai is shocked when a crimson crystal erupts from her chest. Dorant, Juraki and the other two modified werewolves share her condition. They realize the crystals are draining their power. Rai, Frankenstein and Raskreia identify the crystals as Blood stones. Maduke, who has undergone a third transformation, tells his underlings not to panic and is pleased with the results. Juraki bitterly notes that their Lord is responsible for what is happening. Maduke agrees; everything has been planned thoroughly for a long time. He had planted the blood stones when they accepted the new power (physical modification). They were made stronger so that he could absorb as much power as he could; he did not know that the time would come soon, but it was imperative to get rid of the enemies in front of him.

Mirai and the blue-haired werewolf (later revealed to be named Gotaru) beg him to stop. Juraki and Dorant realize that their Lord abandoned them the moment he revealed the truth about Muzaka's alleged betrayal. Maduke reminds them that they did the same to their weaker brethren, so it was a matter of fact that they were sacrificial for someone stronger than them. Dorant wonders if he should resign to his fate since they had started to take the sacrifices of their kinsmen for granted. Mirai tries to pull out the bloodstone from her chest but fails. Maduke ignores the pleas of Mirai and Gotaru.

Frankenstein notes that Maduke's power has surpassed Lagus', implying that he must be draining power from vassals other than the ones present there. Maduke reveals that he had planted devices that were now channeling power from all his subjects and the corpses of the recently slain ones. Muzaka is appalled by his madness and orders him to stop. Maduke states that there is no need for anyone except him and they should think of it as an honour. Muzaka attacks Maduke, but is outdone. Suddenly, Rai destroys Maduke's arm. Muzaka protests but Rai tells him that it is no longer an affair that only concerns the werewolves. Maduke regenerates his limb and states that a dying Noblesse will not be threat to him, only to get skewered with dark aura spikes. Maduke is unfazed by the intervention of an 'arrogant human'. However, he pays heed when the noble Lord summons her soul weapon and conveys her decision to join the battle.