In the distant past, Muzaka offered the position of Lord to Maduke as the former knew how unpopular he was among his race. Maduke declined as the position of Lord is an honor reserved for the strongest of the race, and not to mention, the clan would not have accepted the decision. Maduke takes his leave but thinks that Muzaka's offer to abdicate is related to his relationship with the human woman.

In the present, Maduke finds it unbelievable that he still can't overpower Muzaka. Maduke's body is destroyed with his regeneration power weakened.

Muzaka comes before him and tells him the names of his daughter and his lover...the ones Maduke killed. He states that it was time for him to die.

Suddenly, his heavy injuries recover in an instant, but Mirai, Juraki and the other modified werewolves find their energy depleting.