In a flashback, Muzaka decides about not letting Ashleen know that he is her father. He further contemplates hiding the existence of his daughter from his own race, fearing that they might try to use her as leverage to satisfy their greed.

In the present, Muzaka attacks Maduke. Maduke is very excited to see Muzaka acting out of desperation. He likes the look of grief on Muzaka.

Juraki, Kentas and Lunark are shocked by the revelation of Muzaka not being a traitor.

Muzaka remembers the happy times he had with his daughter. He felt the happiness he had never felt before when he was with her. She meant the world to him. She was like a sun to him in the world filled with darkness and solitude. For him his daughter was everything. Her death destroyed everything Muzaka had.

Maduke takes the battle seriously when he realizes that Muzaka is getting stronger by the second even though he should have been exhausted.

Meanwhile, everyone notes how powerful Muzaka is.

Muzaka chops off Maduke's arm which the latter regenerates. They prepare for another face-off.