In a flashback Raskreia visits her father and asks him about Muzaka. She is wary of him due to his frequent visits to Lukedonia. The previous Lord calls Muzaka the strongest Lord in the history of werewolves but assures his daughter that the Lord of werewolves is a kind being and his reason for coming to Lukedonia is to meet Rai.

Back in present the fight between Muzaka and Maduke continues with the former being at a disadvantage due to his earlier exhaustion. Maduke states that he chose the path of gaining power at any cost due to Muzaka's attitude in the past: Ever since Muzaka's birth everyone wanted him to be the next Lord of werewolves including the Lord of that time but Muzaka acted as if he didn't wanted the position...a position which signified so much honor. Maduke thought it was because of Muzaka's belief that he can get the position of Lord anytime he wants. From that time onwards, Maduke wanted to surpass Muzaka in terms of strength no matter the cost.

After overwhelming Muzaka, Maduke reveals the tragic truth about Ashleen's death: Humans and werewolves collaborated together to kill Muzaka's daughter.

The werewolves were tired of Muzaka's habit of restricting their freedom. They wanted to kill him but killing him by the forces of their werewolves would have led to a huge loss to their race (as the fight between Muzaka and werewolves would have been at the cost the lives of many werewolves aligned to Maduke).

So werewolves collaborated with the Humans and staged many wars between humans in order to create the perfect scene for Ashleen's murder. In one such war, Ashleen was killed. The next part of plan was that Muzaka would be killed by Rai when the former tries to avenge his daughter. The traitorous nobles provided help for the same as they believed that getting rid of the Noblesse at the hands of Muzaka was a good plan.

As expected Muzaka had gone berserk after learning about the death of his daughter. Rai was forced to stop him from exterminating the human race. Maduke believed that both Rai and Muzaka died in their fight...

Maduke says that the event which took place 820 years ago was a master conspiracy which the werewolves, the traitor nobles and humans hatched together.

Lunark is surprised to learn that it was the werewolf race who betrayed Muzaka and not the other way around.

Maduke makes a disparaging statement about Muzaka's human lover by calling her a "masterpiece" which the humans designed on Werewolves' insistence. Muzaka screams and an explosion follows.

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